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With So Many Apartment Buildings for Sale, Enhance Your Curb Appeal

apartment buildings

Everyone and their mother are Googling “apartment buildings for sale.” We get it; you saw somebody on TikTok talking about how you can make millions renting property. Sure, they’ve got some good points. Sure, you can basically live for free if you rent the other side of your apartment building. Gee, we might be in the wrong business...

Well, we’re good for something: helping you spruce up the exterior of your apartment building. Whether you’re trying to attract new tenants or sell the property, fresh paint, some exterior design, and a little landscaping will go a long way.

Eye-Catching Exterior Color Schemes: Transforming First Impressions

With so many apartment buildings on the market, making yours stand out is crucial to attract top-dollar buyers and renters. Paint is usually the best place to start. Trending color schemes have a psychological effect on buyers. If you put this much effort into the exterior, imagine what the inside looks like!

Residents expect clean and well-kept spaces. Cracking paint and chips in the exterior tell them their landlord doesn’t care…they’re just in it for the money. Even if that’s the case, the least you can do is pretend with some exterior TLC (hint, hint: it’ll help you make more money).

If you’re in the seller’s market, repainting adds value to your property. Potential buyers might see a fresh coat of paint and think, “Awesome! Now I don’t have to do it.” Little do they know you’ve rolled the cost of that paint job into the price tag. Cha-ching!

To create a unique, eye-catching exterior pallet, consider using body, trim, and accent colors that complement each other. You want combinations that are both welcoming and impactful. And you’re right—welcoming and impactful aren’t colors. But paint experts like Procoat Athens know which color combinations will create those two magical words.

apartment buildings

Artful Accent Features: Adding Personality to Your Apartment Building

Flat walls are oh-so boring. While a fresh coat will increase curb appeal, your apartment building still needs that wow factor. This is where accents, architecture, and landscaping come into play.

Multi-textured facades have been trending over the past few years. They’re prevalent in single-family homes. But with many apartment buildings up for sale, developers have begun to borrow from the single-family market. Don’t expect to see a plain apartment building with dull blocks under gray vinyl again. And good riddance!

Instead, we’re seeing more eye-catching combinations. For example, stone with brick or stone with siding are two popular options. Apparently, people really like stone.

Combine textures to help your building stand out. Then, you can add accents such as trim work, balconies, decks, and bump-outs. These small additions make your multi-family look more like a welcoming home rather than an industrial, cookie-cutter apartment building.

Finally, landscaping isn’t reserved for single-family owners with pristine lawns and backyards. In fact, over the past few years, landscaping has become an integral part of multi-family living. Just like a new paint job, a well-landscaped complex shows people that management cares.

Begin with your entrance and branch out from there (pun intended). Ensure your tenants feel welcome when they walk through a shared entrance. Remember, this is their home. It should feel that way.

There’s always room for green space in and around apartment buildings, especially those for sale. Find ways to incorporate nature to appeal to people’s sustainability needs. Small gardens and tiny greeneries offer the creature comforts of a yard without the yard work. You could also turn shared rooftop areas into communal gardens, patios, and outdoor recreational spaces.

Stylish Front Doors and Entrances: Inviting the Right Attention

Your front door should NOT be an afterthought—it’s the first thing people see when they enter your building. Your front door must be as welcoming as your landscaping and paint job. Think of it as the centerpiece of your multi-family building.

If you’re putting up multi-family homes for sale, consider sprucing up your entrance to attract more buyers. Here are some helpful hints and hacks for stylizing your front door for added curb appeal:

  • Keep It Classic: Sometimes, less is more. Stick with classic, neutral hues like black, brown, and gray for a timeless look. The best part of neutral hues is their versatility. If you drastically change the exterior, the door should blend right in.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to POP: You want to catch people’s eyes off the street. They should look at your entrance and think, “Dang, I want to live there, too!” Don’t hesitate to use bright colors to really make your front door stand out. Remember, painting the door isn’t as big a commitment as painting the building. So, take risks and see what works.

  • Leverage Your Surroundings: Let your building’s natural surroundings dictate your front door color scheme. Are you near water? Forest? Desert? Natural colors help your building look like part of the landscape rather than a random pile of wood and bricks.

apartment buildings

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

Here’s a story that will get you off the couch and (finally!) working on that step goal! A 100-year-old World War II veteran has been walking around his back garden 30 times a day every day for the last four years to raise money for charity. That’s hundreds of miles and more than 41,000 laps!

Lance Corporal Harold Jones was inspired by the late “Captain Tom,” who did the same thing in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and raised money for hospitals. Since starting his own daily walk in 2020, Jones has put more than 660 miles on his three-wheeled walker and raised nearly $55,000 for the MND Association to help fight motor neuron disease.

Jones has no plans to slow down. He was even awarded a Points of Light award by the British Prime Minister. We hope you’re as inspired by his generosity as we are.

Do You Have Multi-Family Homes for Sale? Let the Pros Handle Your Exterior

You know who’s not generous? An oyster. Why don’t oysters donate to charity? Because they’re shellfish.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration for ways you can spruce up your property. But with so many apartment buildings for sale, we totally understand if there’s a lot on your mind. Exterior design is probably the last thing on your list, and that’s okay.

When you’re ready to add those final touches, get in touch with the pros at Procoat Athens. Just head to our website, scroll down, and dial the number in big white letters. You can’t miss it!

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