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Color Trends 2023 Report Card: What Worked, What Didn’t, and Why

Updated: Apr 4

color trends 2023

The color trends of 2023 have brought us everything from the brave to the basic, making house and building painting anything but monotonous. This year has felt like a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting and surprising us with hues that have dazzled our eyes—and occasionally left us scratching our heads.

While painting might feel like a chore to most, it’s about capturing a space's essence. Or, you know, just make sure your wall color doesn’t clash with your couch.

Here, we’ll dissect the color trends 2023 has seen and dive deep into the hows, whys, and why-nots. From audacious undertakings to those evergreen hues we all secretly adore, we’re spilling the paint can on the shades that sizzled and those that fizzled.

Color Inspirations: A Chromatic Chronicle

This year has brought its color game, both refreshing and straightforward. The core of 2023 color trends centers around two distinct palettes: one grounded in nature and the other in unabashed brightness. While these two may seem to clash, 2023 saw many instances where both trends worked together harmoniously to make a space shine.

color trends 2023

Earthy tones are making a significant mark. Think deep forest greens, versatile oatmeal creams, and the warm embrace of terracotta. These colors are all about comfort and simplicity while nodding to the environment. They also keep a space grounded and homey.

On the flip side, we’ve got the attention-grabbers: electric magenta, bright blue, and other bold choices that stand out. These shades scream confidence, liveliness, and a bit of a rebellious streak. They’re perfect for expressing individuality and bringing life to any space.

Regardless of which trendy color you choose, it’s got to work for the space. That’s where the Procoat Process comes into play. Our method applies these color inspirations with a keen eye, ensuring that your walls look good and feel right.

Color Clash: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2023 Interior Trends

Welcome to the colorful heart of the home. In 2023, color trends in interiors saw a fascinating blend of old and new. Here's the lowdown on what soared—and what sorely missed the mark.

The Good:

  • Calming Blues: Different shades of blue reflected our yearning for tranquility. Think soft ceruleans and muted teals, which are perfect for creating a serene oasis in bedrooms and living areas.

  • Earthy Browns: These comforting shades channel a rustic, organic feel. Warm and cozy, earthy browns ground a space and give it a touch of nature. They’re also great for making a space feel more welcoming.

The Bad (Or, Let’s Say, Challenging):

  • Neon Brights: While fun in small doses, an entire neon green or electric pink room might just keep you up at night. These are best used as accent pieces for pops of color rather than primary shades.

  • Cold Metallics: Silver and chrome might sound futuristic, but overdoing it can leave a room feeling stark and unwelcoming. They may even make a room feel intimidating, especially if too much of the metallic shades are used.

The Ugly (Sorry, Not Sorry):

  • Muddy Grays: A controversial one, but these dull, ambiguous grays seem out of place in the vibrant color trends 2023. They neither uplift nor ground a space, leaving rooms in a weird limbo.

  • All White: Having an all-white space may seem chic and elegant, but this is one trend that’s growing old fast. More and more homeowners are looking for ways to bring warmth and vibrance into their spaces, which entails incorporating bright, cheerful colors.

Looking back, 2023 was all about balance. While bold colors made a statement, the classic, comforting shades truly shone in interiors. This proves, once again, that there’s beauty in simplicity.

Exterior Extravaganza: Painting the Town in 2023

The outside of our homes often tells the first chapter of our stories. In the landscape of 2023 color trends, we’ve also seen exteriors making quite a statement.

color trends 2023

Rich and deep, moody blues have taken center stage, granting homes a modern yet ageless allure. Their sophistication, tinged with a hint of an enigma, catches eyes and holds them. In addition, warm browns and beiges continue their reign as reliable classics, seamlessly blending with natural surroundings and dripping in unassuming elegance.

Then, there’s the audacious choice of the year: bold blacks. Black exteriors shout confidence from the rooftops, whether rendered in matte or gloss.

However, not every trend hit the mark. While bright yellows have an undeniable charm, a fully yellow exterior often borders on excessive. It’s a shade best reserved for playful accents or a cheery front door. And when it comes to finishes, super-glossy ones tend to stand out and attract dirt and dust like magnets. The more understated matte finishes often fare better, merging gracefully with their surroundings.

A word of caution for the adventurous: resist the urge for patchwork patterns. Exteriors that mix too many colors or designs can create visual chaos. This year has been a lesson in balance, prioritizing lasting appeal alongside personal flair.

Color Trends 2023: The Palette’s Verdict

If 2023 has taught us anything, it’s that the world of paint is as vibrant and ever-changing as a kaleidoscope. But as the hues shift and trends evolve, there’s one constant: Procoat Painting’s commitment to making your space feel just right. For this reason, as a company, we offer a free one-hour color consultation where you can meet with a professional from our team who can assist you in making sure that your painting project follows the correct path.

No matter which color trend you choose, we can help you find the best shades for your space. Our pros are standing by with rollers in hand, ready to prepare a quote for your interior or exterior painting needs. Simply scroll down to find our contact information or fill out this form.

Something to take with you: Why did the painter go to school? To brush up on his skills!
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