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A Drop of Paint, a Splash of Savings: 4 Ways You Can Save on Exterior Maintenance Costs With Regular Paint Jobs

exterior maintenance

Is there anything more satisfying to watch than a makeover montage—especially one that’s sped up and set to a catchy pop song? Even simple home maintenance can be riveting, such as painting the exterior of a house.

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just make for great online content (and our favorite way to kill a slow workday). It actually improves the durability of your home and reduces your exterior maintenance costs. In fact, we have four ways repainting your home can save you some serious moolah.

Why Paint Is Crucial to Exterior Maintenance

You know those moments in movies where the nerdy girl takes off her glasses, and then suddenly everyone sees her in a new light? Repainting your home is pretty much the same thing. With one simple act, your home gets a new look and renewed attention. But as we all know, it’s not just about the looks.

While we’re suckers for a beautiful paint color, the greater benefit lies in using quality paint to maintain the health of your home. It essentially functions as a protective coating.

a house getting a paint job as part of regular exterior maintenance procedure

And when you schedule regular maintenance paint jobs, this added protection cumulatively increases the longevity of your home’s exterior. Plus, if you update your paint job every few years, you can keep it looking fresh and stylish.

Why You’re Really Here: How Regular Paint Jobs Save Costs on Exterior Maintenance

Okay, after reading the headline, you’re probably wondering how spending more money on regular paint jobs could lead to cost savings. It’s all about maintenance: by budgeting for the upfront cost of exterior paint, you give your house a suit of armor that protects it against the elements, adheres to housing codes, and increases your curb appeal. Let’s dig in.

1. More Predictable Costs

What’s worse than spending money on exterior maintenance? Unexpected costs, obviously. But when you get a regular paint refresher, you’ll save on surprise repairs (more on this later). Plus, it becomes a predictable expense, so you can pop those paint jobs into your long-term budget.

Not sure where to start? Some home repair specialists recommend budgeting 1–2% of your building’s value for annual repairs. This looks a bit different if we focus solely on exterior house painting.

In general, you don’t need to repaint your home more often than every five years. Good news, Athens: because of our milder conditions, a quality paint job will last much longer. But even if you only repaint every 10 years, it’s important to budget this into your expected maintenance costs. This way, you won’t be tempted to put it off any longer.

For the best estimates, consult with pros to learn about the finish quality and durability that are specific to the type of paint on your home. They can help you create a rough estimate of how often you’ll need a fresh coat.

2. Protects From Degradation

We promised to tell you how regular paint jobs help you save money on surprise repairs, and our mamas certainly didn’t raise a bunch of liars. Plus, we’ll talk about exterior maintenance all day every day, so...

Exterior paint acts as a water-resistant coating to prevent damaging moisture from absorbing into the siding or trim. What’s more, these quality paints (at least the ones that we use) are engineered to be flexible. That way, they have a bit of give for the subtle movements of your house and will prevent cracking and peeling.

Your home has to contend with rain, wind, humidity—even sunny days can be damaging. But a fresh coat of house paint is like an all-in-one umbrella, (90s-inspired) wind jacket, and sunscreen for your walls. Oh, and it’s “building bug spray,” too! The right exterior paint can keep damage from insects at bay by preventing termites and other wood-boring pests from compromising the integrity of your building.

3. Keeps Buildings Up to Code

Building codes set standards for the quality and capabilities of homes. The purpose of these codes is to improve safety, and they cover aspects such as weather protection, fire resistance, and moisture resistance. But these building codes aren’t just guidelines for your home; you can be at risk of a violation if you don’t keep up with exterior maintenance.

professional painting contractor doing work for exterior maintenance purposes

Of course, with a solid paint job, you can be confident that the quality of your walls is protected. And with regular paint jobs, you have a built-in routine to check on the condition of your home.

A team of professional painters like our folks at Procoat Painting will do a thorough inspection of your property before whipping out the rollers. We’ll keep our eyes out for any damage that needs to be fixed, then we get cracking. Or, rather, we treat any cracking, peeling, fading, and nail holes by washing, sanding, and sealing your walls. The result is a high-quality paint job that you can count on for years to come (or until your next routine painting).

4. Increases Property Value

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just save you money; it earns you cash by increasing your asset value. When your house has better curb appeal, its property value goes up. (Hmm, should we also list “investment experts” on our resume? Probably not.) Even if you’re not actively selling, a picture-perfect home is a perk. Thanks to consistent exterior maintenance, you draw attention and respect to your home.

However, not all exterior paint colors have the same impact on property value. For example, yellow houses tend to detract from value. But sage greens, a classic white, and a range of darker colors give your home a bit more zest that draws in potential buyers.

When choosing a color for your home, it’s not just about personal preference. You want a color to complement the landscape around you, not stick out like a sore thumb.

Think about where you live, too. Houses around the South lean toward darker color palettes, while homes in New England are usually in lighter, coastal hues. Of course, that color means nothing if it’s chipping, fading, or dirty. That’s where a regular paint job comes in: your house will look so fresh and so clean (clean) year in and year out.

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Keep Exterior Maintenance Up and Costs Down

What does a house wear? Address. (Yeah, we know...)

Dress your house up with regular exterior maintenance to keep your repair costs down. No, it’s not some of that trendy “girl math.” Taking care of your home today will save you money in the long run.

Whether you’re noticing some wear and tear on your home, or you simply want a color refresh, call Procoat Painting. Our pros are always up to the task. You’ll find our number at the bottom of our home page. Give us a call today!

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