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Paint Our Town Beautiful With An Exterior Painting Job That Gets Top Marks

Updated: Apr 4

exterior painting

It’s June, and you’re getting ready to head to Athfest with your family. Since it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, you decide to walk. As you make your way downtown, you notice the fresh coat of paint on the homes nearby. From delicious creams to rich grey blues, recent exterior painting projects have elevated the look of your entire neighborhood.

Athens is a beautiful town thanks to our community’s dedication. Procoat Athens is the local expert, helping homeowners achieve their dream look with professional exterior painting. Here, we give you some insight into our process, share some of our favorite colors, and pass along a few tips on how you can do your part to keep Athens looking vibrant and welcoming.

Painting the Town: Color Trends and Tips for Exterior Beauty

We get it, paint trends come and go faster than you can say “brush it on.” But when it comes to transforming your home or business into a real showstopper, you want a hue that stands the test of time. Let’s dive into the latest color trends and some savvy tips for making your exterior painting job a masterpiece.

  • Warm Whites and Creams: These shades are like a warm hug for your property. They exude tranquility while maintaining the crispness of classic white. They’re also perfect for Athens, where sophistication meets subtlety.

  • Dark Blues: Feeling bold? Dark blue is your go-to. It oozes sophistication and pairs like a dream with natural wood trim. Athens goes rustic-contemporary with this combo.

  • Greens: Surrounded by deciduous hardwoods, Athens beckons for green house paint. From pale to vibrant, greens are a hit. Think seasonally: Will it harmonize with autumn’s oranges and spring’s baby greens? This hue also adds a pop of cheer to those gloomy winter days.

  • Black: It’s a timeless classic, but beware the Southern summer sizzle. If shade is your friend, then black can be your focal point for a modern touch.

Before you dip that brush, remember to prep like a pro. Smooth surfaces are the canvas for your masterpiece. Sand, prime, and patch where needed. For a flawless finish, consider a sprayer for an even application.

Remember, a color trend will come and go, but a well-prepped, perfectly painted exterior? That’s a work of art that stands the test of time.

It Takes Village to Build a Town: Why Exterior Painting Matters

Alright, folks, gather ’round. It’s time to discuss why painting your exterior isn’t just a personal project—it’s a community masterpiece. In Athens, every home is a brushstroke on the canvas of our collective creativity.

exterior painting

We’re all in this together, and a fresh coat of paint isn’t just a facelift for your home. If your house is covered in peeling or fading paint, you’re not being very neighborly. When exterior painting is done right, your neighborhood will look like the storybook streets of your dreams.

Now, let’s talk technique. Exterior painting isn’t just a slap-and-dash operation. Pros know the order of things: siding first, then trim, then foundation. They also have a knack for dodging weather curveballs (too much sun, humidity, or, heaven forbid, rain).

What’s more, your home deserves a color that highlights its personality. But hold the color wheel, cowboy—you don’t want your home to scream, “Look at me!” while the neighbors cringe. Find something that’s uniquely you, but that also meshes with the neighborhood’s vibe. This will keep everyone smiling.

Now, here’s where Procoat swoops in. We’re Athens’ exterior painting experts, and we’re here to help your home sing in harmony with the entire town. Schedule a free one-hour color consultation with Procoat-Athens, where our experts have an eagle eye for detail and a sixth sense for Athens’ aesthetics. We’ll help you pick the right color and then paint it with expert techniques. Let’s paint this town together, one house at a time!

Athens of America: Tailoring Exterior Paint to Fit

We have a rich history in Athens, and every home tells a story. Picking the right exterior paint isn’t just a choice; it’s a nod to the tapestry that makes up our beloved town. Use these tips to make your home fit in with our Georgian roots:

  • Architectural Harmony: First, take a stroll through your neighborhood and soak in the architectural vibe. Are you surrounded by charming ranch-style homes, or does classic Southern architecture rule the roost? In Athens, we’ve got front porches and pillars aplenty, so think about how those elements mesh with your home’s aesthetic.

  • Blue Magic: We love wandering through the streets and seeing a pop of color. For instance, a blue house reflects our southern skies and the peaceful vibe of our community. It also compliments the red of the brick and the Bulldogs oh so well.

  • Timeless Neutrals: Neutrals are like the little black dress of exterior paint. They never go out of style and can increase your home’s resale value. Think elegant whites and creams that complement Athens’ historic charm while providing a timeless backdrop for your home’s unique character.

  • The Power of Contrast: Pay attention to the details. If your home boasts architectural accents like pillars or decorative trim, consider a contrasting color to make them pop. A creamy white against a bold blue can create eye-catching curb appeal while honoring the town’s classic aesthetics.

Your home is more than just a house; it’s part of this vibrant community. So, when it comes to exterior painting, choose a palette that says you’re proud to help enhance the history, charm, and style of our beautiful town.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

We loved this story from another Southern university town. In Huntington, West Virginia, a group of Starbucks baristas have become more than just coworkers. When Karen Collingsworth had ongoing car issues that culminated in her catalytic converter being stolen, her coworkers started a fundraiser to help her get a new set of wheels. The story is a beautiful example of meeting kindness with kindness.

That type of community feels similar to what we have here in Athens. And why it means so much to us at Procoat-Athens that we keep our town looking beautiful. If you’re ready to upgrade the look of your home, call us for a free color consultation (scroll down for the contact info). We can’t wait to talk with you about your visions for our town and how the Procoat process can make them a reality.

Joke of the Week: What’s a cat’s favorite color? Purrr-ple.
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