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Don’t Be a Paint-By-Numbers Bore: Here Are the 2024 Exterior Painting Trends for Off-Campus Housing

painting trends

Angie is an Athens local and has managed a few rental properties around the University of Georgia’s (UGA) campus for more than a decade. With the passage of time and the wear of the southern sun, it’s time to repaint each home. Angie doesn’t have time to worry about color trends, so as soon as summer break hits, she’s got a crew painting her three houses the same light gray.

With this task off her to-do list, Angie starts looking for a new crop of tenants. It just so happens that her local competitor also repainted that summer. But he followed contemporary painting trends and even added a terracotta texture to one of his homes.

At first, Angie rolled her eyes and thought, “What a waste of money.” That is, until she got hardly any rental applications for her properties while her competitor was swamped with choices. Angie finally had to reduce the rent to bring in a group of boys from the lacrosse team. We’ll see how that turns out…

Ditch the Dull: Color Trends for Building Exteriors

Don’t be like Angie and fall into the same old stereotypical design trap for your off-campus housing. Beige? Light gray? Talk about a snooze fest. Trust us, renters have been waiting for someone like you to be bold and embrace painting trends instead. Just like we keep waiting for doctor’s office “designers” to finally choose a wall color that’s NOT puke-green. Any day now...

If you want to attract audiences from the local universities, look for paint colors that are more on-trend. After all, housing units that get the most (positive) attention have their pick of renters. That means you can ensure your housing is filled with tenants with decent credit scores, good references—oh, and parents who are willing to cosign.

painting trends

It’s fine to keep the interior neutral. But you can show a bit more personality on the outside without appearing gaudy. Consider these exterior painting trends when updating your units:

  • Creamy Whites: If you must keep it simple, creamy whites are a sophisticated but charming option. A warm white creates a classic look that can be paired with a range of accent colors for doors, trim, and shutters. Also, its neutral appearance appeals to a wide audience.

  • Light Apricot: This delicate and warm color offers a subtle yet inviting touch to your property. With a hint of both pink and orange undertones, light apricot creates a cozy atmosphere that complements the vibrant green foliage around the UGA campus.

  • Natural Greens: Bright greens might clash with your aesthetic and the local landscape, but more muted and natural greens bring a sophisticated feel to your home. Shades of sages and olives give an earthy feel to your property’s exterior and work exceptionally well for off-campus housing.

Front Door Accents

Not ready to go all in on a bold color choice for your outside walls? You can still make your home stand out by painting the front door.

For instance, deep front door shades such as black, warm brown, and dark blue tend to garner more attention and higher prices. Painting your front door is an easy way to adopt trends and add a contemporary look to your home without the risk of a bright color.

Give Your Exterior a Bump Up With Painting Texture Trends

Color isn’t the only way to make a statement with your home. Textured painting trends are also an easy way to elevate your property’s aesthetic. You know how everything’s better in velvet? It’s kind of like that.

Textures offer practical benefits such as concealing those little mishaps. These finishes are a real-world Instagram filter. If there are any blemishes, dents, or holes you need to cover up, textured paint is the answer. In the end, you’ll have a flawless finish.

Of course, textured finishes aren’t just about looks. They also wrap your property in an extra layer of insulation, regulating temperatures like a pro. That means your tenants’ AC bills stay low, even in those hot Athens summers. Plus, they act as a waterproofing layer, keeping moisture at bay while letting humidity escape. This is a must-have defense against Georgia’s notorious humidity.

green shingled home showing exterior painting trends

Use the following elements to bring textured painting trends to your front door:

  • Stucco has a matte undertone with textured goodness that ranges from smooth sands to delightful divots. Tint it in any color you like, and voilà—you've got a statement piece that will make university students do a double take.

  • Wood siding is the bridge between nature and classic aesthetics. Seal it with a stain for a natural vibe or go bold with a vibrant paint color. Wood siding also brings character and warmth, which makes your off-campus housing a charming standout.

  • Decorative concrete offers the look of pricier materials without breaking the bank. Stamp it, overlay it to mimic brick or natural stone, or even stain it with translucent colors. Who said concrete had to be dull? Not us.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had To Share

Solving even the smallest problem for someone can be a really big deal. In Louisville, KY, first-grader Levi didn’t have a pajama set to wear for PJ day at school, and he was devastated. When his bus driver, Larry Farrish Jr., picked him up that morning, he felt for the little guy.

After dropping the kids off, Mr. Larry swung by the store, picked up a set of pajamas for Levi, and brought them back to the school. Levi was thrilled by this simple gift. More of this, please! (Also, more pajama days!)

Attract More Renters With These Exterior Painting Trends

Why did the detective wear pajamas to work? He wanted to catch some zzzz’s.

Don’t snooze on these exterior painting trends! It’s time to break up with boring beige and say goodbye to gray. If you’re not sure what color or texture to try, reach out to our team at Procoat Painting. We can help you make the right decisions to level up your off-campus housing and attract more renters than ever.

Give us a call today. You’ll find our number at the bottom of our homepage.

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