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From Shades of Beige to Fresh Color of the Month Hues That Woo

color of the month

You know what really drives us crazy? When a color is used as an insult. And while a red flag appropriately stems back to referee calls in sports, the trend of beige flags is a bit out of left field. But unlike TikTok fads, beige as a paint color will never go out of style. In fact, it’s our Color of the Month!

We’re celebrating a hue that has stood the test of time. Beige is a classic color that will outlast any trend. From timeless classics to modern takes, we uncover what makes this neutral so alluring for your multi-family development.

Unveiling Beige Brilliance: The Timeless Elegance of Neutral Tones

Anyone who’s called beige “boring” probably doesn’t appreciate the nuanced flavor of vanilla. Seriously, who doesn’t love a really good scoop of vanilla ice cream? Dessert preferences aside, our team at Procoat Athens considers beige to be the perfect color choice when you need something that will complement a range of aesthetic preferences.

The color beige is named for the natural color of wool and includes a wide variation of shades, from almost white to the lightest brown. It’s creamy, warm, and brings plenty of character into any space.

For multi-family homes, this Color of the Month is the perfect choice for both inside and outside. The smart neutral brings warmth into the space while offering the perfect backdrop for residents’ decoration styles. It also communicates a bit more elegance and personality than a simple white.

Beige is timeless and sophisticated, and it offers a versatility you just can’t achieve with any other color scheme. What’s more, it comes with a rainbow of undertones to either enhance its warmth or counter it, such as with a slightly cool greenish hue. If you aren’t catching the hint, we’re more than confident that there’s a beige paint for everything.

beige interior for color of the month

Beige Exteriors: Making a Striking Statement With Professional Painting

We’ll start with our Color of the Month on the outside. When it comes to your building’s exterior, there are plenty of reasons to go for an eye-catching red or blue. But depending on your target audience and the feel of your neighborhood, bright colors might not be the best choice. Circus tent chic? Not on this street.

Beige, on the other hand, is the epitome of understated elegance. And with the right undertone, beige aligns with our top exterior painting tip: to find a color that goes beautifully with the surrounding landscape.

While neutrals will go with almost everything, picking the right shade is still an art. It takes a professional eye to consider how elements like natural light will complement a particular color. Working with professional painters can help you narrow down your choices to beige shades that work well on the outside of your building.

But the pros aren’t only good for their insight into color. And color isn’t the only thing to consider with exterior painting. Achieving a durable and long-lasting paint job requires top-notch materials and expert technique. Specifically, you need a coat of paint that will stand up to the rain and humidity of Athens.

Finally, following the proper process of cleaning, priming, painting, and curing requires expertise. Without the professional touch, your beige beauty might turn into a beige blooper. Do right by the color (and your residents) and opt for a professionally painted exterior.

Interior Warmth: Creating Inviting Spaces With a Beige Palette

Beige doesn’t just increase the curb appeal of your building. The Color of the Month also brings its sophisticated magic to the inside. For multi-family dwellings in particular, this is where a neutral like beige really shines.

Beige tones infuse warmth and comfort into a space. It makes residents feel at home before they ever move in their furniture. Plus, painting your building’s interior with beige gives residents an inviting canvas to work with. Because the color works so well with so many different styles, beige walls are perfect for a rental. Now you finally have a place for that large neon orange modern art canvas.

Still feeling uninspired by little ol’ beige? Challenge accepted. Here are a few ways beige can bring depth and elegance into any apartment:

  • Textural Intrigue: Beige tones work well with the natural textures in decor and other elements of interior design. Think woolen rugs, leather accents, glass, and marble. These materials will pop among beige’s subtle backdrop to give you a fresh and modern look.

  • Warm and Cozy: Because beige has generally warmer undertones, it creates warmth in a space. Think of a cozy Scandinavian cabin that uses neutral hues to cultivate a nested or cocooned feel.

  • Colorblocking: For a more modern look, paint the lower half to two-thirds of your wall with beige and the top with white. This simple yet sophisticated effect makes the ceilings appear taller.

color of the month

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

Few things are more stressful than a job interview. So many things can go wrong, even when you’re well-prepared.

After traveling a few towns away for an in-person interview, Oliver Muensterer realized he forgot to pack a dress shirt just an hour before the interview time. He hurried to the concierge of his hotel to explain his situation and ask if there were any nearby shops. Without thinking twice, the front desk attendant offered the shirt off his own back.

Muensterer gratefully put it on and made it to the interview on time. While that particular job didn’t work out, the impact of the concierge’s kindness has lasted.

Embrace the Beige Color of the Month

In honor of Oliver: What do you call a fish wearing a bowtie? So-fish-ticated!

Add some “so-fish-tication” to your building by taking inspiration from our Color of the Month! Beige spans everything from taupe to light butterscotch. Any shade of this timeless color is a simple way to add some elegance to your multi-family development.

Need a fresh look for the exterior of your building or a stunning new coat for the inside? Our team at Procoat Athens has buckets of beige paint with your name on them. Just give us a call when you’re ready. You can find our number at the bottom of our homepage.

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