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Red-y or Not: This Color of the Month Makes a Dramatic Entrance in Any Space

Updated: Apr 4

color of the month red for february

This month, we get to spice things up! Our February Color of the Month is bold and boisterous. It’s a little sizzle to help you get through the rest of the winter, and it’s also one of our favorites: red!

We could go on and on about how perfect this color is in every room and recommend a shade to complement any vibe. But many find red intimidating, especially in commercial spaces. Well, fortune favors the bold. We’re looking beyond love notes and rose petals to explore how red can bring some much-needed va-va-voom to your business.

Red’s Emotional Palette: Beyond Passion and Love

We know what you’re thinking: red as the choice color for February? Very original.

It’s true that our Color of the Month embodies the feeling of a passionate love story. Red is dancing the tango with a red rose. The swirling hem of a red dress. The sweet cutout hearts in a love note. And while red does connect to passion and love, it’s also rich and powerful.

Before we get into all the attitudes around red, let’s start with the science. The color has been associated with a physiological response. It actually impacts how your body works! Red can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism. Whether it causes a good or bad response, red knows how to make a splash.

Needless to say, red can communicate a few other emotions too. For instance, it can signal danger. Think about a warning sign with red flashing lights. Red can also make you feel excited and energized, like a bull chasing after a matador. And why do you think so many state and country flags include the color red? Because of its valor and strength.

As a whole, red garners an intense reputation. When used in wall paint, it can create a dramatic interior that brings attention to the space.

color of the month for offices

Crimson in Commercial: From Restaurants to Offices

Red’s ability to pull focus in a space is one reason we love the color so much in commercial settings. For this Color of the Month, we’re sharing some tips on how red can help you generate business. Because red is so powerful and intense, painting your walls this color can have a lasting impact. A few simple design tips can ensure that impact will be a good one.

Retail Spaces

Imagine a storefront adorned with striking red accents or a bold red logo. It’s like a visual beacon amid the retail landscape. The color naturally draws attention and invites potential customers to explore what lies beyond the entrance.

One of red’s most powerful psychological impacts is its ability to evoke a sense of urgency. In retail, urgency often translates to action, and that’s where the magic happens. After all, “sale” signs are red for a reason.

Red also has the power to support brand identity. Exciting and vibrant, red is always a top color trend for branding (just ask Coca-Cola or Target). If you have a shade of red in your branding, pop the same shade up on an accent wall to tie everything together. It’s bright, memorable, and fun.

Restaurants and Cafés

Remember how we mentioned earlier that red can boost your metabolism? We don’t know why (we’re painters, not biologists), but the color red actually makes you hungrier too. That means it’s one of the best colors to paint a restaurant or cafe.

Plus, red doesn’t just feed the body; it also feeds the soul. This vibrant color injects a sense of liveliness and energy into restaurant spaces, so ordinary meals become memorable experiences.

When choosing how to design your restaurant, try to fit red in. One popular approach is the combination of red and neutral tones, such as gray or beige, to strike a balance between boldness and sophistication. From crimson to burgundy, this Color of the Month offers an entire spectrum to choose from. You’re sure to find one that fits your style.

red color of the month for bold entrance

Offices and Workspaces

If you work a classic office job, you’ll be thrilled to hear how red can improve your space. In fact, you probably know all too well how the design of workspaces influences employee well-being, productivity, and creativity.

The vibrancy of red is like a burst of energy injected into the veins of an office space. Strategically add touches of red paint to high-traffic areas or as accent walls. You’ll infuse a sense of excitement that resonates with the dynamic nature of modern work environments.

The boldness and intensity of red can also spark inspiration and innovative thinking. It’s a jolt of creativity in an otherwise mundane area. Is it the long-awaited cure for a case of the Monday’s? More red office spaces will tell.

Kindness Beyond Borders: One Random Act of Kindness From Around the World

Much like our Color of the Month, it’s amazing how one small thing can have a lasting impact. When Bill Price was 15, he attended a reunion for a summer program. As friends said goodbye, Bill was left standing alone. He felt abandoned and awkward.

That’s when a girl from a nearby group of kids invited him over to talk with her group. Just like that, he felt welcomed and valued. Something clicked in this moment, as Bill realized that such a simple gift is one we can all give. He’s carried this lesson through his life and career, never forgetting the value of kindness.

Feel the Love With Our Color of the Month

Before we go, I’d like to share a dream I recently had. I was stuck on an island, but everything was dark red. The trees, sand, grass, even my clothes. “Help!” I yelled. “I’ve been marooned!”

So, who’s feeling brave enough to give red a try? You truly can’t go wrong with February’s Color of the Month. Just adjust the shade as needed to align with your brand.

We’re happy to help you see how perfectly the color red will work in your space. When you’re ready to update the look of your home or business, reach out to our team at Procoat Athens.

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