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Skeletons in the Closet? Nah, We Paint ’Em: Day of the Dead Color of the Month Crush

Updated: Apr 4

day of the dead

It’s spooky season, and you know what that means! It’s once again time for Wild Rumpus, Athens’ well-known Halloween parade and party, which Procoat Painting Athens is thrilled to sponsor. Then, another favorite holiday, the Day of the Dead, comes next. Contrary to popular belief, professional painters know how to get spooky.

The two-day Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, celebration brings vibrant hues that boost the festive feel. Just imagining how these rich colors will awaken any space makes it an ideal entry for our Color of the Month Crush series.

Let’s learn more about the Day of the Dead and how you can apply the aesthetic to your home or office.

day of the dead wild rumpus

Unmasking the Day of the Dead Aesthetic

Many people think the Day of the Dead is Mexico’s version of Halloween, but that’s not true. While American Halloween is all about horror and mischief in late October, the Day of the Dead celebrates death over the first two days in November. (Wait, celebrates death? Yes, you read that right.)

You see, the Aztecs, Toltecs, and other ancient peoples of Mexico and Central America considered mourning the dead to be disrespectful. To them, death was a natural part of life that should be celebrated, kind of like a “death-day party.” And because the living keep the dead alive in spirit, as the lore goes, the dead can temporarily return to Earth on Dia de los Muertos.

Today’s celebration combines ancient religious rites with Christian beliefs. It takes place November 1–2, which aligns with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day on the Catholic calendar.

Revelers don costumes and paint their faces as part of the fun. Many dress up like La Calavera Catrina, the celebration’s immortal icon. While you might think a celebration of death would be dreary, Dia de los Muertos is among the most vibrant celebrations there is. It’s why we as professional painters love it!

You’ll see stunning combinations of red, yellow, and orange and find pieces accented with bright purples and pinks. And for that classic skeletal look, white plays a major role. The color scheme isn’t limited to these shades, either. There’s also blue, green, and plenty of black.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors to Inspire

The Day of the Dead color scheme is extremely versatile. But it’s important to understand the symbolism behind each color before decorating your home or business. So, let’s look at what each color symbolizes and how you can use it this year:

  • Orange: Bright orange is an iconic Dia de los Muertos color and symbolizes the sun. You’ll see it mostly in marigolds, representing the Flores de Muerto. People use them to decorate altars. It’s said that the spirits are attracted to the color and aroma of the flowers.

  • Yellow: Yellow is another symbol of light. It’s found prominently in the candles surrounding decorated altars. Each flame honors a lost soul. Yellow and orange decorate pathways as well. They help lead spirits to the altar, which then lets them rejoin the community for the celebration.

  • Red: Red bridges ancient tradition and modern Catholicism. It represents the Blood of Christ and Christ’s conquering over death. You’ll see the color around grave sites, crowns, and altars. For example, you could decorate a Day of the Dead skull with a crown of red flowers.

  • Purple: On the Day of the Dead, purple symbolizes the suffering of losing a loved one. Purple flowers and corn cobs adorn grave sites. You might also use purple ribbons or petals to decorate your crown.

  • Pink: Where purple mourns your lost loved ones, pink represents all the good times you had together. Use pink to symbolize the joy they brought you in both life and death.

  • White: White is the color of purity and hope. You’ll see it in candles and on tablecloths. White petals are also used to create paths where the spirits can travel safely. And, of course, it’s in those classic Dia de los Muertos skulls.

day of the dead

Bring the Spirit Into Your Home With Inspired Aesthetic From This Festival

Feeling inspired? Let’s talk about how you can bring the Day of the Dead colors into your home or business for a festive feeling year-round.

Let’s start in your home. Bright colors can feel overwhelming, so try them as accents. One wall painted green, pink, or even black can make a striking impression when balanced by neutrals. If you’re not sure how to combine the colors, think about what you see in nature. A bright pink flower with a deep green stem, for instance, can translate well to wall colors.

As you’re choosing colors, be sure to consider how they make you feel. For instance, orange and yellow tend to make people hungry, while blue and green make you feel calm. Apply this color psychology to your business space as well. Obviously, you’ll want any vibrant colors in your office to align well with your brand colors or logo.

Think of the impression each color gives. For instance, blue conveys dependability, trust, and strength. Similarly, purple often signals wealth and sophistication. Orange is known to convey warmth and friendliness, while red evokes energy and excitement.

Whatever you want to say to the world about your home or business, a Day of the Dead-inspired color scheme can help you speak clearly.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

When we’re not talking about paint and color, we at Procoat-Athens like to share feel-good stories in recent news.

Whether it’s Dia de los Muertos or some other event, medical hurdles keep some people from celebrating properly. So, when a 17-year-old brain cancer patient named Megan Krafty had to miss her senior homecoming, her doctors decided to throw a party for her.

Megan’s boyfriend of two years, along with her family and fellow rehab patients, helped transform the gym into a winter wonderland. They danced, ate, and did arts and crafts.

Joke of the Week: In the spirit of Halloween, what do ghosts give out to trick or treaters? Booberries!

Professional Painters Can Help You Nail the Day of the Dead Look

Whether you want to elevate your Day of the Dead decor or use the vibrant hues in your home or office year-round, look no further than Procoat-Athens’ team of professional painters. We can help you bring the bright color scheme into your home in a tasteful way that also respects its source of inspiration.

Don’t be scared to give us a call this Halloween season! Head to our website and scroll down to find our contact info or request a free estimate.

Not ready? No problem! We’re ready to chat whenever you are. And be sure to stop by this year’s Wild Rumpus on Saturday, October 28. We’d be happy to talk in person about any upcoming residential or commercial projects.

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