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Weather-Resistant Exterior Painting Solutions Because Umbrellas Are for Humans, Not Hotels

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Rainy days will ruin a vacay quick. Over time, they’ll also ruin the exterior painting on your hotel. Trust us, nothing takes your resort from five-star to no-star faster than peeling paint.

Worry not! We’re here with the best exterior painting and coating solutions for your hotel. No matter what your building is made of, these tips will increase the durability and longevity of your business. We’ll even share pro-level techniques for applying the paint and help you choose a color. How’s that for top-shelf service?

Understanding the Local Climate: A Paint Palette for Every Season

Because umbrellas for buildings still aren’t a thing (invention idea?), you need the right exterior paint to give your hotel a weather-resistant shield. Outdoor paints protect your building from elements such as humidity, extreme temperatures, and precipitation. To triumph over these challenges, exterior paints contain a mix of solvents, pigments, and binders that give a durable and vibrant finish.

There are a range of paint types at your disposal. From acrylic resin and polyvinyl resin to oil-based formulas, each brings a distinct value as an exterior painting solution. But they may vary in durability and water resistance. For instance, some stand up better to different climates or have a superior bond with different materials.

When choosing materials for your paint job, the first step is to understand what your local climate calls for. Will the paint face extreme colds in the winter? Sweltering humidity during the rainy season? Think of baking. You know how the cooks on the Great British Bake Off worry over the weather when they’re cooking? Same thing. No soggy bottoms—er, paint—here!

It’s also critical to understand how local weather patterns affect paint application. Temperature variations and environmental stressors can impact the rate at which external paints cure. When paints cure too quickly or slowly, it affects their long-term quality.

The Art of Durability: Selecting the Right Paints for Longevity

Repainting your hotel exterior is no small feat. It demands both time and resources, disrupts the flow of guests, and shapes their initial impressions. After all, drop cloths and scaffolding aren’t exactly a welcoming look. So, choose paints and techniques that result in the most durable paint job possible.

hotel with the right exterior painting for durability

Moisture poses a significant threat to your exterior painting. Protection against it is crucial to extend the life of your investment. From the primer to the paint type, all your material choices will impact the longevity of your external paint job. Let’s look at the different types of paint that bring their A-game to the durability challenge:

  • Enamel-based paints have a glossy finish. They offer an aesthetic appeal, high durability against moisture, and stain resistance.

  • Acrylic paints might be pricier, but they boast a highly durable acrylic binding agent to ensure a lasting finish. They also have lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so bonus points for safety.

  • For an extra layer of defense, consider elastomeric and ceramic coatings. These robust options create a thick, almost rubberized coating to fortify your building against the elements.

  • Titanium dioxide is the secret weapon for long-lasting color. Paints containing this compound resist fading, ensuring vibrancy over time.

  • For a durable barrier that stands firm, explore cement-based paints. Yes, they’re as long-lasting as cement itself. These paints create a robust shield against the elements, delivering both longevity and water resistance.

The truth is, choosing a durable paint is only half the battle. Without the right technique to apply it, you might as well be slapping on a coat of silly putty.

The Power of Professional Application: Techniques for Enduring Beauty

Behind every enduring and flawless exterior painting job lies the expertise of a seasoned team of professional painters. These pros bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, focusing on proper surface preparation, material compatibility, and efficient techniques tailored to your hotel.

Different paint types form the strongest bonds with specific materials, and the pros know how to make the perfect match for your building. Drawing from extensive experience with diverse wall materials and paint formulations, these experts help you make informed choices.

Achieving a durable and long-lasting external paint job is an art, and professionals excel in proper application. Their skilled hands and fine-tuned techniques will achieve the right coating thickness and comprehensive coverage every time. Because who likes repainting a building every two years? Well, we do, but you probably don’t.

What’s more, a trustworthy crew should conduct a thorough site inspection. If team just shows up and starts painting, then send them packing. Instead, opt for professionals who understand the complete external painting process. For instance, preparing the surface through cleaning, priming, and repairs lays the foundation for a finish that stands the test of time.

colorful hotel exterior painting

Color Psychology and Brand Identity: Beyond Aesthetics to Experience

Okay, so we all agree that you need durable paint and an experienced team of painters to get a quality external paint job, right? Now for the fun part: selecting color. The exterior color of your hotel is a powerful communicator of mood and identity. It shapes your guests’ perceptions and experiences.

Understanding the psychological impact of colors is key to creating a memorable and inviting atmosphere. For instance:

  • Warm hues like reds and yellows evoke feelings of energy and warmth. They’re ideal for creating a vibrant and welcoming facade.

  • Greens and blues convey tranquility and a connection to nature. Turn to these if your hotel is nestled in scenic surroundings.

  • The neutral palette of whites and grays exudes sophistication and timelessness. It makes a subtle but elegant statement.

Beyond aesthetics, colors play a crucial role in reinforcing brand identity. Consistency in color schemes across signage, logos, and exteriors builds a cohesive and recognizable brand image.

Finally, consider cultural context and surroundings when choosing colors for your building’s exterior painting. Is your neighborhood known for its art scene? Get funky with bold shades and big murals. Hues that resonate with the local culture and environment forge a deeper connection with guests.

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Hire an Exterior Painting Team That’s Worth the Investment

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A photon checks in to a hotel. The desk clerk says, “Welcome, can we help you with your luggage?” The photon says, “No thanks, I’m traveling light.”

What message is your hotel exterior sending to guests? Are they bounding through the door with delight or trembling with trepidation? When you’re ready for exterior painting experts to rid your building of peeling paint once and for all, call our team at Procoat Athens. You’ll find our number at the bottom of the homepage.

Let’s turn your hotel into a treasured escape—rather than something guests want to escape from! Contact us today.

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