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No Oompa-Loompas Needed: Factory Painting Jobs Only Professional Painters Can Handle

Updated: Apr 4

professional painters

For all his quirks, Willy Wonka’s factory still produces more chocolate than anyone else in his fictional universe. His band of Oompa-Loompas are the best in the business. They’re masters of their craft (they also have the sweetest dance moves). And just like you’d only trust Oompa-Loompas to make your candy, you should only trust professional painters with your commercial projects.

By the way, who else can’t wait to see the new movie and learn how Willy Wonka met his cheeky assistants? Just us? Thought not.

Anyway, finding professional painters who can execute your factory repaint vision without ripping you off can feel like trying to find a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. Don’t give up and go the DIY route instead. Let’s walk through the challenges that come with commercial paint jobs. As you’ll see, your factory painting project is definitely best left to the pros.

Sticky Situations and Sweet Strokes: Unique Challenges of Factory Painting Jobs

Factory and industrial-level paint jobs are way more involved than your average DIY project. Sure, you can paint your kid’s bedroom, but good luck getting the corners of your four-story facility without dripping any paint—or hurting yourself!

professional painters

Factory jobs require major planning that professional painters are equipped to handle. They’ll lay the groundwork, assemble the team, and deliver a final product you’ll love more than an everlasting gobstopper. Most importantly, they know how to overcome the unique challenges of factory painting, such as:

Intensive Prep-Work

Every commercial job is different. Buildings have unique requirements regarding coatings, durability, environmental needs, and weathering. Older spaces will require even more work.

Let’s say you recently purchased a new facility and want to repaint the interior and exterior to match your brand colors. The first thing standing in your way is the old coat. Who knows what secrets lay beneath it? There could be rust, mold, cracks, holes—you name it!

Professional painters have dealt with these situations (and worse). They’ll get you up and running in your new, branded facility in no time.

Quick Turn-Around

Speaking of “no time,” commercial paint jobs don’t have the luxury of extended deadlines. A team of painters can get intrusive quickly and slow your workflow. After all, no one likes working around ladders and paint buckets (except us; we live for it).

Professional painters will get your project done on schedule. They’ll find ways to work around your business hours as best they can. They won’t be invisible, but they’ll do their best to minimize their impact.

Safety Hazards

Factories have endless nooks and crannies where you might hurt yourself. While these may seem like a death trap to you, they’re nothing a team of professional painters hasn’t seen before.

These hazards include heights, sharp objects, and unstable structures. Weather conditions, such as wind battering a high-rise building, can also make these spaces more dangerous. But, professional painting companies are heavily insured in case of accidents.

professional painters

Why Professional Painters Are the Real Secret Ingredient for Factory Painting Jobs

So, professional painters can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Oh yeah. Here’s why professional painters will take your factory painting job to the next level—like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do (sorry, we held out as long as we could).

Top-Notch Quality

When it comes to your commercial property, you should always strive for a good first impression. A high-quality paint job shows you care about the business’s exterior as much as what’s happening inside. Would you walk into a building with chipped paint and cheap finishes?

Even if you’re a manufacturer, you still want your facility to look its best for employees, visitors, and investors. Professional painters deliver top-notch quality and finishes that catches people’s eye. Want to create your own version of Wonka’s Chocolate Room? We’re on it.

Tight Deadlines and Thin Margins

Time and money—there never seems to be enough. That’s why saving on both is critical to running a profitable business.

Professional painters will keep your project on time and under budget. Your average Jane or Joe might undercut the pros, but they won’t deliver the high-quality job you need. After a few weeks and thousands of dollars wasted, you’ll likely call the pros anyway to clean up their mess.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Let a team of professional painters handle all the dangerous stuff. From heights and narrow spaces to fumes and hazardous chemicals, they know how to navigate these perils safely.

Physical safety aside, financial and reputational safety are also vital. Protect yourself from dishonest contractors by hiring a team of proven professionals. Anybody can buy a few brushes and call themselves a “painter.” But you may be talking to a wolf in stained overalls.

Whipple-Scrumptious Hues: What Makes a Factory Painting Job Special

Hiring professional painters ensures you reap the benefits of a successful factory paint job. For one thing, your building will look beautiful. Employees will be proud to work inside, and investors will recognize the attention to detail.

factory painting

A quality paint job will also strengthen your branding. Not only will customers be able to see you from miles away, but they’ll also have confidence that if you take such great care of your building, you’ll take care of them too. (And better than Wonka took care of those kids, am I right?)

What’s more, you’ll also form a relationship with a dedicated team of professional painters who’ll be there when you need them again. For instance, the pros at Procoat Painting-Athens will remain in constant communication throughout the process, from choosing paints and locking in a start date to the final strokes on your brand-new coat. We promise to maintain a clean work environment with as few disruptions as possible.

Finally, your satisfaction is our top priority. The job is done when you say it is, not us.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

Here at Procoat-Athens, we like to share feel-good stories from around the globe. Some have to do with paint, others just warm our hearts. Take this golden gal who doesn’t let age stand in her way.

At 104 years old, Dorothy Hoffner left her walker on the ground and flew 13,500 feet into the air. She’s aiming to become the world’s oldest skydiver, a record currently owned by 103-year-old Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson from Sweden.

“Age is but a number,” she told a crowd of eager onlookers before climbing in the plane. When she landed, Dorothy said that for her 105th birthday, she’d like to ride in a hot air balloon.

Joke of the Week: Did you hear about the skydiving painting competition? The winner won with flying colors.

Turn to Professional Painters for Your Next Project

Your factory paint job requires a professional touch. Don’t let some amateur artist convince you they can do it better for less. Instead, get in touch with the professional painters at Procoat-Athens. We’re here to chat any time, anywhere, even from 13,000 feet in the air!

When you’re ready, simply click this link and scroll down to the bottom to get in touch and request a free estimate. We can’t wait to work with you.

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