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Don’t Sweat It! Our Commercial Painting Contractors Will Handle Your Gym Makeover’s Heavy Lift Best

Updated: Apr 4

commercial painting contractors

Joining a gym is often one of the top New Year’s resolutions each year. But what about gym owners? What tops your list of goals for the year? May we suggest hiring commercial painting contractors for a gym makeover (wink, wink)?

Gyms are filled with many shapes and sizes, and all of them appreciate a little interior design. Your members deserve better than gray concrete walls à la Mickey Goldmill from Rocky. It should be full of vibrant, attractive colors that inspire your patrons to reach their exercise goals.

While you know plenty about exercise, you may need some help in the paint department. Let’s discuss hiring professional painters to give your gym a facelift in 2024. How will it affect your customers? What color schemes should you go with? And what special considerations are there when it comes to painting gyms?

Why Trust Commercial Painting Contractors for Your Gym Makeover?

Professional painters have years of experience under their belts. They know all the latest design trends to ensure your gym looks more inspired workout space, less prison rec room. Professionals will also bring all the necessary tools and equipment. Gone are the days of DIY contractors asking you for drop cloths and extension cords.

Commercial painting contractors take safety seriously. You have a lot of heavy and expensive equipment on your gym floor. Pros will be careful to avoid these assets or find ways to move them safely—we won’t even need you to spot us. Professionals will also take every precaution to paint your walls only, not your equipment or your floors (unless you want us to—a matte black gym floor can be *chef’s kiss*). Cleanliness and safety are at the top of our priority list.

What’s more, the painting pros understand the nuances of maintaining a gym. They know that high levels of foot traffic lead to wear and tear. They also understand that gym-goers don’t want to smell paint during workouts. That’s why pros will do everything possible to complete the job without disrupting your business.

Finally, professional painters pay close attention to detail. They’ll ensure every nook, cranny, and corner is painted properly. They even sand down surfaces for a smooth finish and won’t leave until you’re 100% satisfied.

commercial painting contractors

The Process: How We Tackle Gym Makeovers

Ever done bicep curls with paint cans? You should try it—it’s how pro painters train to give your gym its personal best makeover. They also follow these key steps:

  • Inspect: A thorough inspection is the warmup before a single brushstroke. Painters must understand the landscape they’re working with so they can develop a plan and get the right equipment. A representative will then touch base to better understand your needs and goals. You’ll also speak with a project manager who’ll walk you through all the details and lock in a start date.

  • Color Consultation: Commercial painting contractors will nudge you in the right direction, but the final choice is yours. This is your gym, your vision. That said, there’s a reason people tell you to trust the professionals. Your members should be straining their muscles, not their eyes.

  • Heavy Prep: You can never be too prepared; professional painters know that as well as anybody. They’ll ensure the conditions are ideal for painting, especially for an exterior job. Professionals will also do all the heavy lifting and lay all the drop cloths. They’ll power wash the walls, sand down surfaces, and repair any cracks and blemishes.

  • Paint, Paint, Paint: Now, it’s finally time to put those first coats on. Professional painters will remain in constant communication. They’ll do their best to work around peak business hours, even if that means coming in when the building is closed.

The Heavy Lift: Special Considerations for Gym Painting

Gym painting is unlike any other professional painting job. There’s heavy machinery to consider, high-traffic areas to address, and temperature needs that’ll determine the kind of paint used.

In addition, branding is essential. You want your gym’s design scheme to work well with your brand colors. Otherwise, people may confuse your gym with a competitor’s in the area. Commercial painting contractors can help you choose colors that stay within your brand.

When it’s time to design, consider the tone of the room and the message you want to send. For instance, you may want motivating colors in the weight room to push clients toward their goals. Orange is an energizing color that promotes movement and enthusiasm. But if you don’t want bright orange walls, accents can achieve the same thing.

Red is another popular color in high-traffic workout spaces. It gets people fired up and moving. Just think of the bull charging toward the matador’s red cape—but in a good, less rage-filled way.

Meanwhile, in the spa or yoga room, you’ll want calm, relaxing colors to keep people grounded. Consider greens and blues to make members feel at peace with nature, sky, and water.

commercial painting contractors

Why Choose Procoat Painting?

If you’re reading this, we’ll flex our brain muscles and assume that you own a gym, want it painted, but don’t know where to look for commercial painting contractors. Well, you lucky ducky, the pros at Procoat Athens are here to help! But why should you choose us?

We stand by the Procoat Promise, a four-part pledge we make to all our customers. Procoat values communication and will keep you in the loop every step of the way. We also understand that quality prep work and materials are critical to completing the job correctly and on time.

What’s more, Procoat will take every step to ensure the cleanliness of your space. By the end of the day, you won’t even know we were there. Finally, Procoat puts your satisfaction first. The job is finished when you’re happy with it.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had To Share

Spreading kindness is another one of our core values. Take this story from Krakow, Poland, when people arrived in droves to adopt needy pets.

A cold front was moving in, with temperatures expected to reach -5°F in the first week of 2024. A local animal shelter posted on Facebook, begging people to open their homes temporarily for a needy pet. Many of their dogs lived in outdoor kennels and may not have survived the cold.

“Operation Frost” was a late-Christmas miracle. People lined up around the building to adopt a dog before the storm. By the end of the day, more than 100 pets had found temporary or permanent homes. Plus, the dogs that weren’t adopted were moved into indoor rooms thanks to the newly created space.

Max Your Gains With Commercial Painting Contractors

Why do hamburgers go to the gym? To get better buns! (I mean, don’t we all?)

It doesn’t take a lot of reps to get a high-quality paint job. The right commercial painting contractors will ensure your members have a motivating and energetic space for their workouts.

When you’re ready to give your gym a proper facelift, call the Procoat Athens professionals. Head to our website, scroll down, and dial the big white numbers at the bottom.

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