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Armor Up With Our Top Industrial Coatings for Your Industrial Structures

Updated: Apr 4

industrial coatings

Even workhorses want to look pretty sometimes. So today, we’re talking about how to paint industrial structures. These buildings face erosive elements and combat everything from temperature fluctuations and chemical exposures to relentless wear and tear. Yikes! They need protection, and industrial coatings answer the call, shielding vital equipment and structures against the corrosive forces of time and use.

Beyond looking good, industrial buildings must also be durable, functional, and resilient. Let’s explore how to apply the right industrial coatings for structures that will stand the test of time. So, put your hard hat on. We’re going in!

Product and Industry Knowledge Are Key

Painting industrial structures demands more than a brush and a can of paint. It requires a deep well of product and industry knowledge.

Of course, we think any paint job will benefit from the insight of a professional. But painting industrial structures needs a bit more TLC than just picking the right paint sheen. From cleaning and prepping to the application of specific industrial coatings, every step of the process is tailored to the unique materials and requirements of each structure.

If it sounds important and science-y, that’s because it is.

The steady hands and trained eyes of a professional are indispensable for achieving the quality that’s needed for industrial stacks, power turbines, and containment walls. Industrial painters who know the nuances of different paint types can ensure that every surface receives a finish that both protects and endures for years.

Efficiency in Industrial Coating Applications

Unfortunately, you can’t snap your fingers and magically cover your structures with industrial coatings. If we could, you’d catch us snapping all over town. Painting takes time. But working with an experienced team ensures that your project gets done within the required time frame and without disrupting your workflow.

At Procoat Athens, our team understands the value of time. We tailor our industrial painting schedule to accommodate your operational needs. In fact, we often work after regular hours to minimize disruptions. Lucky for you, we’re night owls!

Of course, efficiency isn’t just about speed. You also have to apply heavy-duty coatings with precision. Doing so ensures a durable finish that not only stands the test of time but also aligns seamlessly with the rhythm of your industrial operations.

Technologies like airless spray systems and robotic application methods elevate efficiency by reducing overspray and minimizing waste. When combined with expert application techniques, our process of applying industrial coatings becomes even more efficient and cost-effective.

person adding industrial coatings to rooftop

Understanding Specific Needs in Industrial Coatings

In industries with heavy use and intense exposure, the importance of robust protective coatings can’t be overstated. Each challenge posed by elements like humidity, chemicals, temperature, and abrasion has specific needs in industrial coatings and demands a tailored defense. Kind of like how your chic sister has a tailored coat for every outfit.

Humidity Management in Industrial Coatings

Humidity is a silent catalyst for corrosion. Even a hint of moisture can accelerate damage. The antidote? Protective coatings that go beyond preservation and more than double the life of equipment or structures. Rubber-based paints, powder coats, and polycoating emerge as stalwart guardians, forming barriers against corrosive elements. We like to picture them wearing capes and striking power poses.

To further protect against humidity, the actual application of the paint also requires certain environmental conditions. After all, protective industrial coatings can’t live up to their purpose if they aren’t applied correctly.

Too much humidity extends the curing process, potentially causing both aesthetic and functional imperfections. The pros understand such nuances and can ensure a seamless coating process for your industrial surfaces.

Chemical Resistance Requirements

What’s more, industrial equipment faces a daily onslaught of corrosive chemicals. Manufacturing and processing plant chemicals swiftly corrode structures without proper coatings. Protective coatings will prevent such chemical-caused corrosion, but you need the right one.

Hope you still have your hard hat on because we’re throwing around some heavy words!

For example, epoxies excel indoors but fade under the sun. Outdoors, aliphatic polyurethane withstands the onslaught of both chemicals and UV radiation. Consulting with experienced industrial painters can help you select the coating that will give you the best performance and defense.

man painting industrial piping

Temperature Considerations in Coating

Industrial materials can be a bit of a Goldilocks. One moment, conditions are too cold; the next, too hot. Industrial coatings can help equipment and structures withstand these temperature ranges and maintain efficiency. But the coatings themselves can be fickle during application.

Anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and coatings wrestle to form the crucial bond between hardener and base material. Too hot, and the solvents will evaporate too quickly.

When applied correctly, protective coatings can fully offer their benefits. For instance, fluoropolymer coatings excel in high-temperature and chemical-rich settings. They’re a perfect fit for the fiery landscapes of oil refineries and fertilizer plants.

Coatings can also give effective protection during emergency circumstances. Intumescent fire coatings can act as a shield in areas susceptible to the danger of flammable materials. Think of it as insurance, mitigating potential damage to both equipment and personnel.

Abrasion Resistance Solutions

Abrasion is the silent culprit behind the wear and tear of industrial surfaces—scraping, grinding, and rubbing away material over time. Machine parts that are used regularly might start to wear out due to excessive abrasion. Even with an anti-corrosive coating, abrasion may wear through, defeating its purpose by exposing the metal underneath.

Instead, you want a protective coating that also offers abrasion resistance. Ah, the always popular two-in-one solution! This increases the lifespan and effectiveness of your equipment and reduces the need for maintenance. For example, epoxies resist abrasion and toughen surfaces. Polysiloxane offers abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV protection.

Abrasion-resistant coatings can be costly, but not every surface will need them. Unless your equipment endures mechanical erosion from consistent use, you’ll probably be fine with industrial coatings that prioritize corrosion protection. But for the equipment that does endure abrasion, these coatings are an investment that keeps machines running longer and more efficiently.

industrial coatings

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Find Your Partner in Protective Industrial Coatings

What kind of tea is hard to swallow? Reality. (Whew, can we get an “Amen”?)

While we love a good laugh, the truth is that industrial painting can be tough to get right. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’d be glad to help you select and apply industrial coatings. Our comprehensive consultation gets to the heart of your needs so we can successfully plan out your project.

Get some relief from the pressures of corrosion and abrasion. Reach out to Procoat Athens today!

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