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This Color of the Month Sees Blue as Peace, Tranquility, and Calm in Your Space

Updated: Apr 4

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You know one thing we can all do without? Stress! While a stress response was incredibly important when early humans were running from saber-toothed tigers, the modern world has us stressing far more than it should. Finding ways to calm down is at the top of the to-do list, especially after the last few years. Good news: you can start the process in your home now with our Color of the Month, blue.

Painting your walls blue not only looks great, but it also welcomes an air of tranquility and peace into your home. We know you’ll find it as soothing as we do, so let’s jump in.

Blue as a Symbol of Peace

Breath in… Breath out… Just kidding. We’re big fans of self-care, but we’re not here to pull any mindfulness influencer shenanigans on you. We just want to amp up our Color of the Month. And this month, amping up actually means chilling out. Blue is more than a color; it’s a bit of a Zen master. When used in wall painting, it offers a silent nod to tranquility in every brush stroke.

All colors have an impact on people’s behavior and mood. While the specifics may differ slightly, blues generally leave people feeling calm and relaxed. Just think about seeing the color in nature: you’re lounging under a vast, cloudless sky or gazing at the gentle waves of the ocean. That feeling of infinite calm? That’s blue in action.

Blue is an emotion—a tranquil high-five to your senses. In interior settings, blue doesn’t just dress your walls; it creates a backdrop of peace, turning your room into a haven of tranquility.

color of the month calm interior

The Impact on Interior Spaces

Blue is a pretty versatile color (and one of the most popular). But while it may be an easier sell than an orange or pink, not everybody can slap some blue paint on a wall and peace out. In fact, it takes a bit of finesse to use blue wisely in interior spaces. This Color of the Month promotes serenity and relaxation, and its power should be used carefully.

To start, let’s tiptoe into the bedroom. Here, blue plays a lullaby with its hue, turning your sleep zone into a dream haven. It transforms your entire space into one big do-not-disturb sign.

But blue’s magic doesn’t stop there. In smaller spaces, it’s a wizard of perception, making rooms feel more spacious and open. This is a little trick we call “Blue’s optical illusion.” For a small home office, a light blue will not only expand the space, but it will also expand your mind. As a result, your concentration and productivity will soar.

So, whether it’s basking in natural light or cozying up in dim corners, blue adapts. It’s the chameleon of colors, transforming every room to match its purpose.

Trendspotting: Blue in Current Design Trends

Blue’s ability to work in any room of the house brings a range of hues, from airy light tones to dark luxurious shades. And while we’re always excited about a color spectrum, the big names in interior design are backing us up on this one. From Benjamin Moore to Minwax, paint and stain companies have released blue hues as their Color of the Year for 2024. But why now? Here are a few reasons why blue is the color of the moment (and our Color of the Month).

Blue is the new black and brings life to a minimalist aesthetic. It adds depth without drama, bringing a splash of serenity to those clean, open spaces. For coastal homes and anyone who likes dreaming of the beach (so, literally anyone), blue can bring the outside in to create a harmonious link with nature.

Blue is also strutting its stuff in the tech world. Think futuristic vibes—blue with sleek lines and high-tech materials, making spaces look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi utopia. And let’s not forget the classics, such as true blue or navy. Though it’s our Color of the Month, blue is a timeless choice for both interior and exterior painting.

color of the month serene kitchen

Color of the Month Pairing Suggestions

When we say blue is versatile, you may be wondering how a baby blue could possibly look good with your natural mid-century modern decor. The reality is that not every blue goes well with every other color. You have to give some consideration to the shade or tone.

  • Navy Blue & White: The Timeless Duo. Classic alert! Pairing blue with white is like wearing a tuxedo—you just can’t go wrong. It’s crisp, clean, and screams “nautical chic.”

  • Light Blue & Charcoal: The Sophisticated Pair. Want to make your space look like it’s straight out of a designer magazine? Mix blues with grays. This combo is the Ryan Gosling of color pairings—sophisticated, charming, and oh-so-dreamy.

  • Teal & Sage: Nature’s Neighbors. For a harmonious, earthy vibe, blue and green are your go-to. It’s like walking through a lush forest or sitting by a serene lake.

  • Navy Blue & Blush Pink: The Trendy Twist. Feeling adventurous? Blue and pink are the dynamic duo of the moment. It’s fun, fresh, and definitely Instagram-worthy.

  • Midnight Blue & Metallics: The Glam Factor. To add a touch of glam, pair blue with metallics. Dark blue with gold, silver, or bronze just oozes glitz and glamour.

Remember, our Color of the Month is versatile. It can be the star of the show or the best-supporting actor. When paired well, it takes your space from blue-tiful to breathtaking!

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had to Share

Besides the color blue, another thing that makes us feel peaceful is all the kindness happening around the world. For instance, this past holiday season, a landlord in New Orleans gifted her tenants free rent for December.

Reflecting on her childhood with a single mom, Britni Ricard felt empowered to pass along good cheer by removing some financial strain from the people living in her building. In addition to the extra support for the holidays, Ricard also offered to organize a seminar to help her tenants become homeowners. It’s beautiful to see folks investing in their communities in so many different ways.

Find Your Inner Peace With Our Color of the Month

Here’s a Color of the Month–inspired joke for you: Why is the ocean blue? Because the shore never waves back!

So, who’s ready to bring some calm back to their life? We absolutely love this Color of the Month and can’t wait to find the perfect shade of blue for your home or building.

Whether it’s this month or next year, when you’re ready to paint, our team at Procoat Athens will be too! We’re excited to hop on a call and start brainstorming some ideas. To reach us, just call the number at the bottom of our homepage. Talk soon!

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