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Serve up These Wall Paint Ideas and Add Flavor to Your High-Traffic Restaurant Areas

Updated: Apr 4

wall paint ideas

A restaurant is 50% food, 50% service, and 50% ambiance. Okay, we know that adds up to more than 100%—we’re painters, not mathematicians. But our point is that each element is equally important to a restaurant’s success. And as the color experts, we have some wall paint ideas that will draw in your patrons and help your staff stay both efficient and organized.

You see, color has the ability to subtly influence how people feel and behave. Your team has the food and service elements on lock. We’re here to help with the ambiance across your entire space.

wall paint ideas for restaurants

Psychology of Color: Creating a Comfortable Dining Atmosphere

There’s more to picking a color for a space than just preference. In fact, each of these wall paint ideas requires you to consider the mood you’re trying to create and the brand identity of your restaurant. This starts with a little color psychology: how people respond to different colors.

When choosing paint for your restaurant, you must find the right balance of energy and tranquility that matches your unique vibe. What’s the unique character of your space, and what culinary experiences do you offer?

You also need to consider your target audience. If your focus is on fast food for children, then vibrant and lively hues make sense. But for a quaint café or sophisticated bistro, opt for muted colors to create warmth and intimacy.

Let’s explore how color choice can affect the experience of your diners:

  • Warm Welcomes: Warm colors, such as inviting reds and oranges, create a lively and energetic ambiance. They also encourage quick decision-making and table turnover. Consider a muted burgundy for fine dining spaces. This provides the energy of red with a touch of sophistication.

  • Romantic Vibes: Dark colors evoke a romantic atmosphere and are ideal for intimate dining experiences. Use deep tones to add allure to your restaurant and set the stage for memorable evenings.

  • Luxurious Blues: Blues can be appetite suppressants, so you must use them carefully. But in the right setting, like a peaceful tea house or café, they can create an environment that invites patrons to unwind and savor the moment.

  • Green for Nature Lovers: Green is perfect for organic, farm-to-table restaurants. Specifically, it establishes a connection with freshness and sustainability, aligning with the ethos of your establishment.

Front-of-House Painting: Welcoming Guests at the Entrance

The entrance of your restaurant sets the tone for the dining experience. As your guests step through the door, they should immediately know what kind of vibe to expect. Think of it as a visual appetizer.

wall paint ideas

Tie all your design choices together with these front-of-house wall paint ideas:

Exterior Enchantment

Pay homage to your interior design by extending its essence to the exterior. Incorporate appealing colors and lighting to draw patrons in. Elements like outdoor seating and trendy signage can help, but your exterior color choice also goes a long way.

Color Harmony

Your front-of-house space should have enough appeal so guests want to hang out longer and eat more food. Choosing the right colors can help you do this. Use paint to create visual intrigue and a welcoming atmosphere. For instance, consider a two-toned wall with striated layers or texture that guides customers in.

Mural Magic

Elevate your entrance with a mural that embodies your brand’s character and sparks creativity. Not to mention, a mural is inherently Instagram-friendly. This visual masterpiece adds a touch of artistry and serves as an immediate focal point, leaving a lasting impression on diners.

Back-of-House Painting: Enhancing Efficiency in Server Stations and Offices

While the front of your restaurant dazzles with colors and ambiance, the back of the house (BOH) keeps things running smoothly. The kitchen, break rooms, and offices deserve a tailored aesthetic prioritizing efficiency, organization, and employee morale.

As you sort through BOH wall paint ideas, envision a space where efficiency, organization, and employee well-being seamlessly converge. After all, a well-painted BOH is an investment in how your restaurant functions.

Light and Bright

The BOH requires a different aesthetic strategy than the front. Warm and dark colors and low lighting might set the mood for patrons, but the staff benefits from a lighter palette. Opt for a well-lit space painted with brighter hues.

Calming Neutrals

Choose calming and light neutrals to create an environment that promotes focus. Colors like warm beige, ivory, or light gray will keep everything easy to see and enhance productivity. After all, it’s hard to focus with a bright red wall screaming at you.

Higher Sheen for Cleanliness

Prioritize higher sheen paints for their ease of cleaning. Spills and splatters are inevitable in the kitchen's hustle and bustle. A higher sheen, like eggshell or semi-gloss, ensures cleanliness. It also contributes to the longevity of the paint, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

loft style wood and concrete paint colors

Hygiene-Coated Paint

Invest in hygiene-coated paint with antibacterial properties to meet sanitary regulations. In areas where food is prepared, maintaining a hygienic environment is non-negotiable. This type of paint supports cleanliness and safeguards against potential health concerns.

Quality Over Quantity

No matter which wall paint ideas you choose, opt for high-quality paint from the outset. Repainting a restaurant kitchen is no small feat; it often requires operational shutdowns that impact revenue. So, think of paint with a longer lifespan as an investment. It spares you from frequent touch-ups and ensures a durable finish that withstands the demands of a busy BOH environment.

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Use These Wall Paint Ideas To Add a Bit of Zest to Your Restaurant

Since this article focused on restaurants, how’s this for a joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

Remember, every part of your restaurant should be painted with your customers and staff in mind. With the wall paint ideas that we’ve shared, we have no doubt that you’ll run an efficient operation that keeps diners both full and happy.

If you want some help, call the experts at Procoat Athens. We can help you choose the right color combos and then paint them beautifully. Reach out today.

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