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How Some Types of Paint Finishes Show That Bedroom Some TLC and Take Your Walls From Yawn to Yay!

Updated: Apr 4

types of paint finishes

Quick quiz: How do you envision your bedroom? A snug haven? An inviting retreat? A calming sanctuary? If any of these resonate with you, then it’s time to level up the types of paint finishes you use in your home.

When we think about paint finishes, it’s not just the aesthetic that comes to mind. It’s also important to consider the functional elements of the paint. The paint sheen spectrum, ranging from flat to glossy, results from different ratios of additives that impact how reflective, durable, and cleanable the paint is.

The key is to select a paint finish that not only aligns with your desired look but also suits the room’s purpose. Your bedroom offers the ideal canvas for finishes with less sheen, which foster a soothing atmosphere for the ultimate rest.

We’re diving into four types of paint finishes that infuse warm elegance into your bedroom because, let’s face it, your slumber palace deserves nothing less. So, are you ready to transform your sleeping space into a realm of comfort and style? Let’s paint the dreamy picture together.

suede matte Types of Paint Finishes

Suede Matte Finish: Luxury in Texture

Matte paints don’t just coat your walls; they wrap them in a subtle sophistication. In fact, a standout feature of matte finishes is their versatility. Whether you’re going for a modern look or classic charm, matte paints are the chameleons of the color world.

The soft appearance of the matte finish adds a touch of warmth. It’s as if your walls were carefully crafted from the finest suede fabric.

Let’s talk about the magic of low sheen. Compared to other types of paint, matte finishes reflect almost no light. This turns your bedroom into a haven where subtle imperfections fade into the background. It’s like a beauty filter for your walls!

if you’re concerned about durability, some matte formulations, including the Duration and Emerald lines from Sherwin-Williams and the Prominence lines from PPG, offer matte finishes but have the same durability as higher-sheen finishes.

What’s more, matte paints play well with any color scheme. From the crisp purity of warm white to the calming hues of sage green or the dreamy tones of pastel purple, matte finishes bring out the best in every shade. Take the image above, for example: a bedroom bathed in rosy chestnut hues. The matte finish evens the tones and creates a harmonious symphony of color and sophistication.

Distressed Eggshell Charm: Vintage Appeal for Cozy Comfort

Picture a cozy escape every time you step into your bedroom. That’s the look you’ll get with a distressed eggshell paint finish. Of all the types of paint finishes, eggshell boasts a delicate balance. With moderate durability, it’s easy to clean and resists wear and tear, so it’s perfect for bedrooms. And just a touch of luster adds a subtle richness to your walls that almost looks like a warm glow.

eggshell Types of Paint Finishes for bedrooms

Once your distressed eggshell masterpiece is complete, enhance the vintage vibe with a few expert touches. Embrace natural textures like wood furniture, baskets, woolen rugs, and linen duvets. These materials bring a hygge-inspired coziness that complements the eggshell’s warmth.

Also, add a chandelier to get an instant vintage feel. For the paint color, choose dusky soft shades to transport your bedroom straight into the arms of timeless charm. With distressed eggshell finishes, your walls don’t speak—they whisper, lulling you into ultimate relaxation.

Terracotta Texture: Earthy Warmth and Serenity

When it comes to other types of paint finishes for your bedroom, you might also try to capture the texture of terracotta. With its earthy warmth, you’ll feel like you live in the Italian hills.

Textured finishes such as terracotta have the power to add character to your walls. They also skillfully hide imperfections from previous paint jobs or even cracks in the drywall.

Creating this enchanting texture is an artful process. In one technique, the painters layer two different shades of limewash paint, with the second layer diluted. Then, they rub wet newspaper over the paint, producing a slightly porous texture that looks like terracotta.

You can also incorporate the timeless charm of terracotta into your bedroom design by choosing colors that evoke the sun-kissed hues of a Tuscan sunset. Earthy reds, warm oranges, and subtle browns can turn your walls into a canvas of Old World elegance.

Velvet Touch: Sensory Delights for the Soul

Velvet paint, also known as a satin finish, is the sweet spot between matte and semi-gloss on the sheen spectrum. This paint finish reflects 5–15% of the light in a space, casting a silky glow that’s easy on the eyes. The result is an ambiance that’s not just visually appealing but also sensually gratifying.

The sheen gives the paint a pearl-like quality, adding a touch of opulence to your space. What’s more, its subtle reflectiveness makes it the perfect choice for bedrooms with limited natural light. And while satin paint is easy to clean, be aware that it also shows imperfections like brush strokes better than other types of finishes.

different paint finishes

Choose a color palette that enhances the luxurious vibe. For instance, deep blues, rich purples, or even muted grays can amplify the elegance of velvet finishes. Integrate metallic accents for a touch of glamour. Use statement lighting fixtures to enhance the overall ambiance.

For any bedroom transformation, velvet or satin paint finishes are the epitome of refined luxury. Want help achieving this lavish look? In our guiding Procoat Process, we hold your satisfaction as our top priority. Embrace the softness, bask in the glow, and watch your bedroom evolve into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

Kindness Beyond Borders: One Random Act of Kindness From Around the World

Kindness and paint?! We love this sweet story out of Canmore, Canada. When Marilyn Kinsella was heading through security, she forgot that her paint supplies wouldn’t be allowed in her carry-on. She had to give them up and thought they were a lost cause.

But when Marilyn returned, she was met by an attendant who had saved her paints and met her at baggage claim. The thoughtfulness of this staff member is beyond inspiring.

Sleep Peacefully With These Types of Paint Finishes

From the silky texture of satin sheen to the vintage charm of distressed eggshell, any one of these different types of paint finishes would be gorgeous in your bedroom. But remember, they’re functional too! The best choice for your space may depend on how much wear and tear your walls get.

Need a second opinion? We’d be happy to help. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to find our contact info and give us a call.

Until then, how about a joke: What did one hat say to the other? You stay here, I’ll go on ahead.

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