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Create Happy Stays With These 4 Easy Painting Ideas for a Theme-Based Hotel Room Project

easy painting ideas

Tired of the same old beige walls and generic decor that make your hotel blend into the crowd? Whether your guests are staying one day or one week, your hotel should be an unforgettable part of their journey. Thanks to these painting ideas, it’s an easy fix.

No one likes cookie-cutter designs (unless we’re talking about cookies, obviously). Your hotel should be a burst of personality that gets to the very essence of why people travel. With a themed room design, you’ll all but guarantee that your hotel adds to their vacation experience. Gray walls will be quickly forgotten—but an octopus mural will be remembered for years.

So, get ready to stand out as a vibrant addition to your guests’ travel memories.

Whisk Away Your Guests: Theme Ideas for Hotel Rooms

The decor of your hotel rooms can actually influence how your guests feel and behave. Talk about pressure! But don’t worry, there are simple ways to narrow down your theme and tie in your wall paint colors. Just give some of these easy painting ideas a spin.

Maximize Color Magic: Elevate Themes Through Vibrant Hues

Picking colors shouldn’t be a crapshoot. Rather, carefully curate your shades to enhance the theme of your hotel. The goal is to saturate every corner with the essence of the chosen theme so guests feel immersed in the experience.

There isn’t one right choice. From bright and colorful to subdued and elegant, the colors you choose should mirror both your brand image and the energy you want to nurture for your guests. For instance:

  • Consider the psychology of color: warm tones for coziness, cool tones for tranquility.

  • Blend complementary colors to evoke harmony or clash them for a daring effect.

  • Take inspiration from the surrounding landscape.

  • Commit to a completely unique theme that works well with your branding.

No matter how you bring vibrant colors into your design, these easy painting ideas will certainly leave a lifelong impression on your guests.

hotel room easy painting ideas

Enchanting Ocean Retreats: Painting Ideas for Seaside Themes

The mere thought of a beach vacay has us picking out swimsuits (and stressing about our beach bodies, but that’s neither here nor there). Crashing waves combined with the soft palette of sand, ocean, sea grass, and sky—it’s heaven. Seriously, why doesn’t everyone live at the beach all the time?

When you embrace a seaside theme with these easy painting ideas, your guests’ beach vacation will start the moment they step into their room.

  • Mimic the Landscape: To commit to the blissful energy of the seaside, paint hotel rooms with cool but light colors, such as shades of gray and blue.

  • Crisp and Clean: Capture the expansive feel of the ocean by designing your space to be open and airy. For instance, center windows and balconies to prioritize natural light. Paint colors that are bright and reflective can also make a space feel more open.

  • Bring the Outside In: Seashells feeling overused? Instead, choose natural decor elements like driftwood and dried coral to go coastal without going tacky. Neutral wall paint colors provide a stunning backdrop to more intricate decor.

  • White Can Be Right: Colors have a welcome place in a beach house, but you can never go wrong with a simple white. White wall paint captures the bright feel of a sunny day on the shore while providing an effective backdrop for furniture and accessories.

Cosmic Adventures: Painting Ideas for Space-Themed Escapes

A space-themed hotel room is a launchpad into the unknown, a masterpiece of galaxies and constellations, a David Bowie song come to life. Create a stay that’s out of this world with these easy painting ideas that will leave guests starry-eyed.

  • Illuminate the Cosmos: Bring the colors of a nebula down to earth with ethereal purple lights and neon accents. It’s an instant transport to the vastness of outer space.

  • Celestial Constellations: Turn the ceiling into a canvas by spraying glow-in-the-dark paint over a dark celestial base. It creates the look of thousands of stars twinkling above.

  • Futuristic Forms: Embrace abstract shapes to infuse a futuristic vibe. For instance, white and black paint in clean, fluid lines mimic the sleek interiors of a space shuttle. Soft curves in furnishings and color blocking on the walls take guests from a hotel room to the future of space travel.

  • Infinite Darkness: Create the sensation of floating in space by painting rooms in deep, matte purples, blues, and blacks. When paired with select lighting choices, these hues will leave guests feeling like they’re suspended in a serene void. (Trust us, it’s a good thing.)

  • Celestial Ombre: While a full space mural might be a stretch, an ombre wall in shades of black, blue, purple, and pink can evoke the galaxy’s grandeur without overwhelming. It’s a subtle but powerful nod to the cosmic wonders that await outside the window.

easy painting ideas

Extreme Adventures: Painting Ideas for an Extreme Sport Destination Holiday

These easy painting ideas and decoration inspirations echo the heart-pounding beats of extreme sports. From the slopes of a ski resort to the swift drop of bungee jumping (hard pass), they’ll bring the intensity and excitement of extreme sports right to your doorstep.

  • Red Revival: Red is an instant injection of passion and enthusiasm. It’s a visual anthem for the adrenaline-fueled experiences that brought your guests to you in the first place.

  • Leather Edge: Introduce leather accents to evoke a sense of masculinity and intensity, mirroring the rugged spirit of extreme sports.

  • Après Ski Chic: While the alpine vibe of a ski chalet might seem at odds with extreme sports, incorporating cozy elements welcomes guests back from the slopes. Think warm tones, plush textures, and a fireplace ambiance.

  • Metal Mayhem: Infuse an intense energy by incorporating metalwork into furnishings and design. These bring an industrial edge that resonates with the robust nature of extreme activities.

  • Interactive Walls: Give your guests a canvas with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. Create an accent wall where they can jot down speed records, game scores, or a list for the next day’s adventures.

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had To Share

Opportunities to celebrate someone’s life shouldn’t end with the memorial service. So, 10-year-old Matilda Handy added a “postbox to heaven” in the cemetery where her grandparents were buried. It gave her a chance to write letters to them after they passed.

This symbolic act of “mailing” the letters can help people feel connected to their loved ones and process their emotions as they heal from the loss. The postbox became so popular that 40 more popped up at other cemeteries around the U.K. and beyond. We love how this idea keeps people connected to loved ones they’ve lost.

Find Easy Painting Ideas for Your Hotel’s Next Big Theme

Throwback to the beach section because it’s our fave: Why wouldn’t the scallop share his treasure? He was a little shellfish!

A neat and tidy room will never make your hotel memorable. Instead, go all out with themed rooms that will keep guests talking long after they leave. If you’re feeling inspired by these easy painting ideas, give our team at Procoat Athens a call. We can help you find a beautiful and fun theme that complements your brand.

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