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How Commercial Painting Done Well Turns Any Stay Into, “Oh My Gosh, This Place Is Awesome!”

Updated: Apr 4

commercial painting

When guests enter your building, do they just check in and head to their rooms? Or do their eyes light up at your welcoming scene of comfort and luxury? Enhancing the guest experience is every hospitality manager’s priority. The aesthetic of your space often determines how your guests feel about their stay—it was either like a warm hug or a cold handshake. A fresh commercial painting job will secure the reaction you’re looking for.

Here, we go over some tips for painting your business. We’ll also explore how hiring a local team of professionals can ensure the job gets done with the quality and efficiency that both you and your guests deserve.

commercial painting in lobby interior

Speed and Efficiency: Minimizing Disruptions Because Chaos Is So Last Century

When it comes to commercial painting for hospitality businesses, speed and efficiency are as important as the quality of the final product. We get it; nobody wants their establishment to resemble a construction zone for longer than necessary. Drop cloths and paint cans are hardly inviting comforts—not the ambiance you had in mind, right?

But at some point, you’ll need a new paint job for your business. That’s where the pros come in. A professional commercial painting team doesn’t just slap on paint. We’re like the ninjas of the painting world, transforming spaces so swiftly and efficiently that your guests will barely notice.

What’s the secret? We provide consistent and top-notch results through transfer efficiency and skilled technicians.

Transfer efficiency measures how much paint makes it from the bucket to the wall in an even coating. The right tools are critical to improve the transfer efficiency of a project. Our pros wield top-notch spray applicators, from electrostatic wonders to air-assist sorcery, ensuring every paint particle finds its mark precisely. Not only is less wasted paint a win for your budget, but it also reduces the number of aerosols that escape into the environment.

The right tools go a long way, but the right technique gets us to the finish line. Our pros have mastered the dance of spray angles, distances, and trigger control, turning even the mundane roller into a tool of efficiency. So, whether it’s a futuristic sprayer or a trusty roller, we deliver painted perfection with both speed and finesse.

Psychology of Color: Creating Memorable Ambiances

Of course, efficiency isn’t all a team of pros can offer. When we take on a painting job, whether it’s residential or commercial, we provide color consultation that considers your preferences and brand identity. We also use a few proven color psychology tactics that are specific to the hospitality industry:

Cool and Calming

Blues and greens aren’t just colors; they’re like a zen vacation for your eyeballs. They dial down heart rates and bring tranquility to your guests.

Greens, in particular, add a touch of eco-sensitivity and a hint of freshness. When paired with neutrals, it’s like a spa day for your walls—relaxing and oh-so-clean.

Metallic Magic

Now, metallics are our ticket to the epitome of fancy. Gold, silver, or pearl create a visual feast that screams refinement, especially when swirled with whites and blacks. It’s not just a room; it’s a five-star symphony of elegance. Guests will know immediately that this isn’t an ordinary stay. Rather, you’re giving them a luxe escapade.

Warm and Welcoming

Warm tones are the life of the color party. Think oranges, reds, and purples. They don’t just sit on walls; they throw a bold bash, pumping up heart rates and wrapping guests in a cozy embrace. Save these lively hues for the lobby and restaurants, where the energy is contagious.

commercial painting

Accommodating Pedestrian Traffic: Orchestrating Business as Usual Is Our Thing

We get it: you can’t stop your business for a paint job. That’s where the prowess of commercial painting professionals comes into play. We don’t just slap on color; we work with you (and around your furniture) to ensure your business stays smooth and uninterrupted.

The real magic for minimizing disturbance lies in coordination. Our pros work with your management team to minimize the impact. Protective coatings on floors and furniture? We’ve got it covered. Need us to paint during the off-season or after-hours to avoid foot traffic? Consider it done. Our team gets in and out, leaving no disruption in their wake.

Have a multi-day project? Daily clean-ups are our jam, so your workflow and guest experiences remain untouched. Because we know it’s not just about a fresh coat of paint. You need a fresh look without missing a beat in your business rhythm.

Locally Yours: Why Home Turf Suppliers Are a Match Made in Heaven

If your business is part of a regional or national chain, there may be limits around the vendors you work with. But there’s a serious case to be made for hiring local help.

Choosing local suppliers for your commercial painting project is a community investment that pays off in more ways than one. First and foremost, you’re keeping the love—and the money—local. Hiring local painters injects life into the community, supports your neighbors, and fosters a sense of togetherness.

But it’s not just about the warm fuzzies. Local painters also bring a finely tuned expertise that’s tailored to your area. They know your local climate—humidity, temperature, and all. These variables can make or break a paint job, and your local painting pros come prepared. They understand the nuances of your weather patterns so your project goes off without a hitch.

Beyond the technicalities, the perks of going local extend to improved communication and trust. When you can meet face-to-face, there’s a direct line of contact, making the entire process smoother and more personal.

commercial painting waiting lounge

Kindness Without Borders: Worldwide Feel-Good Gems We Had To Share

As business owners, hotel managers, or just adults with responsibilities, you might miss the light-hearted naivete of childhood. While you may not be able to ignore your to-do list, there’s a group of kids who can lend you some compassion any day of the week.

Children from West Side Elementary School in Healdsburg, California, put together a hotline of recorded messages of encouragement. Simply call (707) 873-7862 to get a pep talk from kindergartners.

Get Professional Commercial Painting With Procoat

Whether it’s a beautifully painted hotel lobby or a hotline of encouraging kindergartners, we love seeing positive, welcoming spaces in the world. Do you feel like your business needs a more inviting refresh? We’re the folks for the job.

Incidentally, we also tell great jokes: What did the policeman say to his bellybutton? You’re under a vest!

Call the team at Procoat Athens to schedule a consultation for your next commercial painting project. You’ll find our phone number at the bottom of this page.

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