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Office Painting Ideas for Your Corporate Space Because All Desks Need More Drama

Updated: Apr 4

office painting

Your office building: where fun and happiness go to die. Where it’s illegal to smile, laugh, or relax for even 10 seconds. Where it feels like all the color has been sucked out of the world. Listen, it doesn’t have to be that way! Painting your office is a fantastic way to liven up the workplace.

Nothing in the corporate rulebook says you can’t paint your interior workspace to accurately reflect your company culture. If you’re a fun, go-getter company with bean bag chairs and foosball in the break room, you should also show that through your interior paintwork.

So, source ideas and get creative. And most importantly, hire the best professional painters in town to bring your office to life.

Setting the Stage: The Impact of Painting Your Office’s Actual Colors

Have you ever noticed how different tones make you feel a certain way? That’s no accident. (We’re not the only ones that get hyper-focused when we look at grass, are we? Is that weird?)

office painting

When painting your office, you can use color schemes to stimulate employees and boost productivity. All colors have unique psychological impacts. For instance:

  • Blue stimulates the mind and boosts productivity.

  • Red promotes urgency and can be used to increase energy levels.

  • Yellow is an emotional color and can be used in creative spaces. It’s known to liven the mood and brighten employees’ spirits.

  • Green strikes balance and calmness in the office. It’s the way to go when you need to keep a level head.

And these are just your basic colors. You can play around with shades or unique combos to drive alternative results. For example, teal—a combination of blue and green—can turn the office into a well-balanced productivity machine.

What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to choose bright colors. For instance, when combined with rustic furniture, brown evokes power and strength. It’s perfect for your personal office or whichever space you use to broker deals.

The Art of Office Drama: Bold Color Schemes

When it comes to painting your office space, don’t be afraid to gamble on bold color schemes and patterns. Of course, by “gamble” we really mean “place educated bets,” so keep your finger on the pulse of 2023’s latest color trends.

office painting with bold colors

Topping those trends are calming blues and earthy browns. Calming blues reflect our yearning for tranquility. Think muted teals and soft ceruleans. Both facilitate calming effects and keep the chaos of office life from dominating the workspace.

Meanwhile, earthy browns give your office a rustic, organic feel. So, your employees can still feel an inspiring sense of nature, even if they’re cooped up inside all day.

Red and white combine to add glamor to your office space. You can also use orange and black to add funky overtones to the space while maintaining professionalism.

Beyond the Walls: Dramatic Accent Features

Of course, painting the office goes far beyond the walls. You can also leverage dramatic accent features to really bring the space to life.

For instance, statement walls, textured panels, and decorative finishes add nice touches to your interior design plan. You know how you can look at a space and think, “Gee, it feels like something’s missing”? These accents are usually what’s missing.

Accent pieces help the space resonate with the people that occupy it. So, ask your employees what they’d like to see in their workspace.

office paint

What’s more, accent walls play an acoustic role in the office, as they can reduce echo and absorb distracting sounds. They also make excellent backdrops for video calls. But, let’s face it, anything is better than a drab white background.

Adding an all-black accent wall can bring sophistication and depth to the space. It serves as a bold focal point and complements other colors and decor. Wooden planks and paneling infuse the workspace with warmth. Meanwhile, textured wallpaper, 3D panels, and fun paint techniques engage the senses and elevate the overall design.

Illuminating Ideas

Paint and light go hand-in-hand. How natural and artificial light bounces off the paint can make or break your interior design strategy. When painting the office, consider how much natural light a room receives. Strike a balance between task or ambient lighting and appealing light temperatures to make the office visually comfortable and more productive.

Natural light improves moods, reduces eye strain, and enhances your employee’s overall well-being. Of course, some areas in your office simply don’t get any natural light. In those spaces, find ways to incorporate nature or natural tones.

Artistic Murals and Graphics

Murals and artistic graphics are like the cherries on top of your office painting sundae. They have the unique ability to tell stories through visuals. You can use them to promote your culture around the office or show off your ethos to visitors and investors.

paint for offices
Interior painting goes beyond slapping one color on a wall. Instead, contact local artists and collaborate on ideas for a fun office mural. Their presence in the office can even create a sense of intrigue as the piece comes together. Not only are you supporting local creatives, but you're also boosting engagement. Your employees will want to be in the office as often as possible as the mural takes form.

Don’t have the time or money to hire an artist? No sweat! Graphics and wall stickers are an easy and cost-effective way to add flare to office walls. Choose from visuals, inspirational quotes, collages, and so much more.

Employee Engagement and Well-Being

Research shows that employees who feel connected produce 400% more revenue and are 37% more productive (eeewwww corporate jargon). Well, it’s true, and using paint and visuals to stimulate engagement around the office is a perfect way to make more money. We all love the color green, right?

paint colors for office space

We’ve also seen a major shift toward office designs and layouts that foster collaboration and engagement. Many employees have spent the past few years working from home or only commuting to work two or three times a week. But as more return to the office full-time, it’s up to you to design a welcoming environment.

Budget-Friendly, Cost-Effective Office Painting Ideas

Office painting doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective. There are plenty of budget-friendly ideas you can use to boost productivity through color and design.

If you’re on a tight budget, stick to a crisp, easy palette of black and white. Then, add a few wood-toned and natural accents to the office to create a warm, minimalist environment.

The best part about natural light is that the sun is free! If you’re lucky enough to have big windows and access to sunlight, make sure you use every single ray.

Most of all, ensure you’re partnering with a professional painting company like Procoat Painting-Athens. We’ll work around your peak operating hours to minimize distractions. We also get the job done right, on time, and under budget, ensuring there isn’t a single penny wasted.

Feel-Good Story From Around the World: The Power of Colors Uniting Communities

Local Indian artists are making a significant impact in their small town. Armed with buckets of paint and endless enthusiasm, they’ve set out to bring color and hope to their community. They’ve begun painting the town’s walls with beautiful murals, instilling a sense of unity and pride in the people.

Joke of the Week: What do you call an elephant mixed with a rhino? Eleph-I-know!

Office Painting: Even the Suits Can Have Fun!

Did you just watch an employee collapse from boredom? First, make sure they’re okay. Then, get on the horn with Procoat-Athens. We’ll be happy to convert your gray office space into a vibrant rainbow of color and creativity.

Reach out whenever you’re ready! Head to our website and scroll to the bottom to find our contact info. It’s in big white letters. You can’t miss it!

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