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Paint Finishes to Help You Love Your Living Room Because They Have Feelings Too, You Heartless Monster

Updated: Apr 4

paint finishes

When you interact with a space, there’s a give and take. Basically, the appearance of the room can impact how you feel. But you’re not helpless in this. In fact, you can influence how a space makes you feel by decorating it, starting with the paint finishes.

Here, we dive into how color psychology can help us choose a color for our living rooms. We’ll also compare the options for paint finishes and end with a quick quiz to help you decide what types of colors and finishes work best for your space.

Your walls have a lot to say—it’s time to start listening.

Understanding Wall Psychology: Colors and Talkative Walls

Don’t worry; your walls aren’t going to spill the secrets of your household drama. We’re talking about color psychology.

wall psychology for your paint finishes

Color psychology explores how colors evoke specific feelings or behaviors. Famed psychoanalyst Carl Jung was even quoted as saying, “Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious.” But you’re not here for an Intro to Psych class! You’re here to figure out what color to paint your living room.

The basics of color psychology can help us understand what our “talkative walls” are saying to us. Because let’s face it, your walls are active participants in setting the mood. So, let’s start with a color psychology cheat sheet of some of our favorite living room paint finishes:

  • Warm White: Comfortable, bright, pairs well with earth tones

  • Muted Gray: Sophisticated, warm, a solid base for diverse decor

  • Soft Beige: A warm and inviting backdrop, sets a cozy atmosphere

  • Light Blue: Soothing and tranquil, creates a spacious feel

  • Dusty Rose: A touch of femininity, subtly low-key

  • Soft Yellow: Joyful, bright, an air of sweetness, keeps the mood light

  • Olive Green: Warm and earthy, grounds your living room with natural vibes

Balance is key, regardless of what color you choose and whether you’re painting an accent wall or the ceiling. As the backdrop to both your couch and your life, the color of your living room needs to mesh with both your furnishings and your personality. So, pick your palette wisely.

So Much to Choose From, so Little Time: Exploring Paint Finishes

Not to stress you out, but color isn’t the only decision to make. Paint finishes also matter. A paint’s finish refers to the amount of light it reflects after it’s dried.

Depending on the amount of resins and binders mixed in, the result could look glossy or matte. Think about it like this: higher-sheen paint is shinier and more reflective, while lower-sheen paint is dull and smooth. The amount of sheen you want in your paint will depend on both the vibe you want and how much natural light the room gets.

What’s more, paint finishes don’t just determine the shine. They also impact how durable the paint is and whether it’s easy to clean. Let’s look at the attributes of the four most popular paint finishes for living rooms:

  1. Satin paint has a touch of luster with a medium gloss, bringing sophistication to any space. It also has moderate durability, so it’s ideal for spaces with moderate traffic.

  2. Eggshell is subtle, understated, and offers a timeless charm. Basically, it looks like the sheen of a chicken eggshell. Just pop your head in the fridge—really—to get an idea of how the finish will look.

  3. Matte finish has zero reflection, which means it hides imperfections exceptionally well. But it’s quite tricky to clean, so it’s ideal for living rooms with minimal wear and tear. Some matte finishes, including the Duration and Emerald lines from Sherwin-Williams and the Prominence lines from PPG, can offer the same durability as higher sheen finishes. Regardless, rule of thumb is always higher sheen means better durability.

  4. Textured wall paint is perfect for those who want a cozy living room with low-key upkeep. There are a variety of effects that you can choose from, but they all create visual interest through added depth. While extensive repairs can be a bit challenging, texture paint finishes are highly durable.

paint finishes

Choosing the Right Therapy for Your Walls: Assessing Room Personality

Don’t be overwhelmed by the Pandora’s box of paint choices. Instead, step into your living room and let it tell you what it wants. We like to think of this as “wall therapy.” Listen to what your living room needs and pick the quality paint finishes from there.

This quick quiz can help. So, grab a pencil, take a seat (preferably in the room in question), and reflect.

Paint and Finishes Quiz

1. How would you describe the energy in your living room?

  • A. The hub of the house, always buzzing with activity

  • B. Balanced, a mix of both lively and serene moments

  • C. Serene, a tranquil haven for relaxation

2. What’s your preferred style for your living room?

  • A. Modern and vibrant

  • B. Timeless and elegant

  • C. Cozy and relaxed

3. How much traffic does your living room endure?

  • A. Constant hustle and bustle

  • B. Moderate foot traffic

  • C. Rarely disturbed, it’s a peaceful sanctuary

4. Which best describes your ideal living room atmosphere?

  • A. Energetic and lively

  • B. Classic and sophisticated

  • C. Calm and inviting

5. How much natural light does your living room get?

  • A. Not very much, especially in the winter—we need more brightness.

  • B. Depending on the time of day, it gets plenty of light or is on the darker side.

  • C. It’s very bright with south-facing windows. We want to calm it down.

Results: The Best Paint and Finishes for Your Living Room

Mostly A’s: Your living room craves vibrant energy. So, consider going bold with shades of red, yellow, or orange. They’ll give the space a bit of coziness while still feeling exciting and inviting. Also, consider satin paint finishes for more resilience. If it still feels dark, pick a lighter shade and get creative with lamps.

Mostly B’s: For a classic and balanced vibe, an eggshell finish is your living room’s therapy. On top of a warm neutral paint color, like soft beige or elegant gray, its understated elegance complements both lively and serene moments.

Mostly C’s: Bring tranquility to your space with cool tones and matte paint finishes. For instance, soft blues and gentle greens will create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your peaceful sanctuary.

finding the best paint finishes for living room

Kindness Beyond Borders: One Random Act of Kindness From Around the World

Here’s a good yarn for you! In Dallas, Texas, a group of ladies in a senior living community gathers every Friday to knit hats. But it’s not just wool and gossip—they’re knitting with a purpose.

The group has sent tiny hats to infants with heart problems, dolls to Ukrainian orphans, and helmet liners to soldiers. As you can see, they’ve spread their skill and love around the world.

They even have an adorable group name: the Knit Wits! We’re so inspired by the kindness and generosity these women have and share.

Transforming Walls, Transforming Lives

What do sea monsters eat? Fish and Ships! That’s the kind of silliness that you want in your living room, right? If so, let’s paint! If not, then we can paint to distract ourselves from ridiculous puns.

Regardless, let’s celebrate your walls with the best-fit colors and paint finishes. At Procoat Athens, we’re so excited to help your living room’s transformation begin. Find our contact info at the bottom of this page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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