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3 Best Practices for Exterior Painting in Multi-Family Developments to See Your Home Weather Any Storm

exterior painting

Let’s face it: keeping your building looking sharp is like being caught in an eternal game of chore-tag. Repairs, cleaning, and the constant struggle to keep everything up to snuff is a marathon of maintenance. This is especially true in exterior painting, where the typical paint job’s lifespan is only five to seven years. That’s almost as fleeting as a viral meme!

But what if we told you there’s a way to double that timeline? We have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help your exterior paint job defy the odds, even in a hot and humid climate like Athens.

Say goodbye to the short-lived saga of paint and hello to a masterpiece that stands strong and weathers every storm that comes its way. Here, we share our best tips for durable and long-lasting exterior painting.

Weather-Resistant Paint Selection: The Foundation for Endurance

Ah, the quest for the perfect paint. Selecting the right weather-resistant paint is like choosing armor for your home, protecting it from the elements like a superhero shield. So, get your roller brushes and paint buckets ready. We’re off to find the best that the world of exterior painting has to offer.

Weatherproof Wonders

Picture this: your development, basking in the sunlight, dancing in the rain, and standing tall against the elements. But wait, the weather isn’t a storybook scene. All those elements can cause lasting damage to your building.

For instance, UV rays are like the villains of the paint world, causing your paint to fade and peel quickly. Enter weather-resistant paint. It’s your building’s very own sunscreen and raincoat in one, shielding it from the harmful effects of sunlight, heat, and precipitation.

Weatherproof paint comes in virtually any color, but we know protecting your building’s exterior is about more than looks. The right weatherproof paint is your defense against the forces of weather-induced chaos. Put an end to fading, peeling, and rusting once and for all.

Choosing Your Paint: The Super Formula

When it comes to the type of paint, should you choose acrylic- or silicone-based? Well, do you want a trusty sidekick or a high-tech gadget? Acrylic, the waterproof maestro, is perfect for concrete and clay-based surfaces. It locks out moisture like a pro. But silicone is also highly water resistant and can stand up to the burning rays of the sun.

How about the best of both worlds? Epoxy paint is a dynamic duo of latex and acrylic but with a longer cure time that’s worth the wait. Trust us, your home will thank you for this power-packed protection.

Weather-resistant paint doesn’t just play defense; it’s also great at offense. Your building will maintain its color for years, saving you a fortune in the long run. Think of it as an investment in a paint that stands the test of time—10 to 15 years, to be exact.

exterior painting for multifamily townhouses

Surface Preparation: Fortifying Against the Elements

If you’ve ever watched a baking show or tried whipping up a cake masterpiece, you know the importance of greasing the tin. This small step can make or break the entire dessert.

Exterior painting is no different. Neglecting surface prep can ruin all your hard work. So, let’s dive into the recipe for a flawless exterior painting job.

  • Step 1: Repair. Imagine you’ve just given your building a fresh coat of paint, only to discover lurking issues with the foundation or rotted window trim. Ugh! Preemptive repairs ensure your paint job lasts without unexpected touch-ups stealing the spotlight.

  • Step 2: Clean. Just as a baking sheet needs a good scrub before popping the next batch of cookies in the oven, your surfaces crave a cleaning before they can be painted. Pressure washers efficiently banish loose paint, debris, and mold. This thorough cleanse sets the stage for paint that not only sticks but also stays for the long haul.

  • Step 3: Prime. Once your surfaces are squeaky clean, it’s prime time. Think of it as preheating your oven—a crucial step. Primers make weather-resistant paint stickier, ensuring it bonds seamlessly with the walls. For best results, choose a primer that’s a perfect match for your type of paint.

Consulting with a pro painting team, such as the wizards at Procoat Athens, ensures no step is overlooked. From repairs to cleaning and priming, they have the recipe for an exterior painting masterpiece down to a science.

Durable Finishes and Protective Coatings: Shielding Against Harsh Environments

Now that your multi-family fortress is prepped to perfection, it’s time to give it the armor it deserves. The finishes and coatings you choose will make your exterior stand out in the neighborhood like a movie star on the red carpet.

Think of protective coatings as the final touch that turns your paint job into a masterpiece. These clear wonders are made from materials such as polyurethane and polycrylic. They not only seal in the paint but also offer a range of finishes to match your aesthetic desires.

These coatings do more than look good. They’re the bodyguards of your exterior surfaces. With a higher percentage of solids in the mix, they provide a strong and resilient coating.

But is this final step really necessary? Absolutely. By adding a coating, you boost UV protection, upgrade the fire rating, and form an impenetrable shield against the archenemies of paint: peeling, cracking, and chipping. What’s more, these coatings are both water- and mold-resistant, so they defend against the forces of moisture, mold, mildew, and algae.

exterior painting

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Compared to the high prices typical of the city, her stand offers a much-needed resource to underserved communities. Her customers are incredibly grateful, sharing that Tomoko has become “like a second mother” to them.

Exterior Painting That Lasts

Exterior painting is much more involved than interior. Not only does the paint have to look good, but it also has to work hard, protecting your building from the elements. Proper prep work can go a long way, but it’s best to trust a project of this size to the pros.

Our team at Procoat Athens has the expertise to ensure you have all the correct materials for your specific building type. We’re also extremely thorough and complete every step of the exterior painting process to the highest standards. When you’re ready to get a paint job that lasts, reach out to us. You’ll find our contact info at the bottom of our homepage. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In the meantime: Why was the broom late for work? He overswept.

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