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Quick Turnaround Strategies for Commercial Exterior Painting Projects

exterior painting

The last thing you want is for your exterior painting project to drag. Well, maybe the last thing you want is a little worse than that. We’ll take a lengthy paint job over an F5 tornado any day.

Everybody involved wants to get this job done promptly and on time. After all, your customers won’t wait forever! That’s why communication and careful planning are among the most crucial components of a timely paint job.

In this article, we’ll cover the tips and tricks that will keep your project running smoothly. If all goes right, your exterior painting professionals won’t be there a minute longer than they have to be…they may even finish ahead of schedule.

Planning Ahead and Realistic Timelines: No Rainbows and Unicorns

In real estate, they say location, location, location. We have our own three-word catchphrase: plan, prep, paint—the three “Ps” of a successful exterior painting job. Let’s take each P one by one to see what role it plays in the overall project.


Years of wear and tear will leave your building looking icky. It can lower your curb appeal and repel customers before they enter your store. If a storefront looks terrible on the outside, would you risk stepping inside? We didn’t think so. It’s time for cracked and peeling paint to go—and for you to launch the exterior painting planning phase.

prepping peeling paint

Ideally, your yearly budget and business plans leave room for a paint job if needed. This lets you contact a professional team and secure a time frame that works on everyone’s schedule. Remember, some painters book out several months ahead. So, call and set something up ASAP.


Next comes the prep phase to inspect your building for blemishes, such as cracks, peels, wood rot, or facade damage. For many painters, repair work will be part of the contract. Point out these imperfections when you see them (but gently, even buildings have feelings). Then, clarify whether the painting team will fix these issues.

The prep phase also includes pre-paint prep, when workers develop an attack plan for your building. They’ll do their best to work around your business schedule, but both parties must make room for overlap.


Now, it’s time for the final and best P: Paint! With a solid plan, professional painters should be able to complete the project on time or even ahead of schedule. Weather will play a significant role, especially with exterior painting. But if you’ve planned and prepped well, a little rain shouldn’t dampen the whole project.

I Read You Loud and Clear, Buddy

Poor communication skills will dismantle any relationship, romantic or professional. They’ll inevitably lead to sub-par results, then you’re stuck with a new paint job that you don’t love—*shudders*.

Communication starts during the contracting process, when you’re shopping around for painters. Their ability to communicate their rates, methods, and specialties should tell you plenty about their work ethic. Then, trust your gut. If you feel like something isn’t going to work, don’t waste your time and money.

Next, establish communication practices that work for all parties. Do they prefer phone calls? Text messages? Emails? Carrier pigeon? Consider how the contractor’s preferred communication channels compare to yours. Do they also love a good game of email tag? It’s a match made in heaven!

Finally, if you make project-critical decisions during these conversations, ensure they’re written down and signed off on. Other project-related items that should be in writing include labor and material costs, timelines, and color schemes. Be as specific as possible to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Hire the Pros (Hint, Hint)

Ask yourself this: If your car had something wrong with it, would you hire “that guy your friend knows” or a mechanic? Hopefully, you’d hire the mechanic. If not, well, best of luck.

The same goes for professional painters. In the long run, opting for professionalism and efficiency is more cost-effective than cutting corners with a cheap alternative. Here are three reasons to lean on exterior painting pros:

exterior painting professional
  • High-Quality Work: Professionals give you professional-level work; it’s as simple as that. Plus, your customers can tell when you hire an amateur to do something. If you cut corners here, they’ll wonder where else you’re cutting.

  • Timelines: Pros have schedules to keep, too. If your project goes over schedule and budget, it reflects poorly on them. And we all know it only takes one bad review to wipe out a dozen good ones. Professionals will do everything possible to complete your exterior painting project on time.

  • Safety: Exterior painting, especially in multi-story commercial buildings, is dangerous work. Professionals have the safety equipment to keep them, you, and your customers safe—we call that a win-win-win. Also, pro painters are insured. If something does go wrong, you won’t be financially liable.

You get all this and more when you hire professional painters like Procoat. We stand by our promises of clear communication and top-quality work. Our painters will also use drop cloths as they go and clean up at the end of each day, keeping your business spic and span. In fact, they may even leave the place cleaner than how they found it (no judgement).

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Get the Exterior Painting Makeover Your Building Deserves

If you’re looking at your business and thinking, “Gee, I should really paint this thing,” consider calling the pros at Procoat. We value your satisfaction above all else. The job is done only when you say it’s done. We’ll leave you with an exterior painting job that will draw customers in like a magnet.

When you’re ready for a fresh coat, head to our website and scroll down until you see those big white numbers. Punch ’em in, give us a ring, and chat with one of our eager painting professionals.

Let’s turn your commercial building into something magical!

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